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What is the fear of the opinion of the Witch

12.09.2001 Red Mercury

With a sense of fear, a sign everyone.

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Dating service online

30.12.2001 Red Mercury

Surely each of us had been in that situation: walking down the street, and you're smiling girl. How not to go and not a date, especially since she apparently is not bad? After all, a new acquaintance - it's always interesting.

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How to rid husband of bad habits

14.02.2002 Red Mercury

How to get rid of the bad habits of her husband, if it's second nature, its genetic feature? Do not become a husband after all attempts little woman in a vegetable or henpecked? Do not try, do not know.

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married Man

23.08.2002 Red Mercury

What is a love triangle with the point of view of the small world? And why, as soon as the lover begins to compete with my wife - she loses? On this and many other things - a special investigation into the "Women of magic.

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psychological vampires

20.09.2002 Red Mercury

According to psychologists, the "psychological vampires" - is not some entity that can pull someone out of the vital energy and eat it."Twilight", "watch", "Other Worlds" - and the world imperceptibly became inflamed with a tender love for vampires and other ghouls.

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why a child appears aggression and how to handle it?

25.01.2003 Red Mercury

Any parent occasionally confronted with child aggression. Some moms and dads feel even with a light shock: I try not to miss anything, brought up correctly, and the child suddenly manifested itself completely from an unexpected quarter.

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How to detect lies by facial expressions and body language?

3.02.2003 Red Mercury

Gestures appeared much earlier than humans learned to speak, and before he had the need to lie. Facial expressions and gestures can say a lot, they give the state the interlocutor, and being attentive, you will notice a lot.

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How to meet a girl? Instruction.

31.10.2004 Red Mercury

  So you're standing at the bus stop and you see it - a goddess! It is a way you imagined it - your ideal! How did it go and do not get "the gate - turn"? First, look at ourselves ... If you come back from the country in the company of shovels and rakes, and she's in a dress by Cardin and with the scent of French perfume, then you are pretty much like hard to breathe, and quietly wait for the bus.

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