10 tips for those who want to make life easier and more successful

10 tips for those who want to make life easier and more successful in casesRecently, the American edition of the newspaper «Wall Street Journal» published an article in which a list of cases and the time favorable for implementation.

I chose the most useful and interesting tips:

* The best time to send email: 6.00 am (more likely that your message will be read)

* Best time for reflection: late morning

* Best time for creative thinking: creativity improves during peak daytime fatigue, so you need to arrange a brainstorm about 02.00 pm

* Best time to call the customer his company as early as possible in the morning (the load on the phone line is much less)

* The best day of the week for a visit to Cafe: Tuesday (fresh food, no lines)

* The best choice for a day trip on a plane: Saturday (fewer flights — fewer delays, shorter queues, less stress)

* The best time to select flight: noon (may vary as according to the pilots, rush hour at the airport can match the rush hour on weekdays on the road)

* Best Time to surgery: Morning (4 times less likely to develop complications in the morning than in the period between 3:00 and 04:00 pm)

* Best time for exercise: 06:00 — 08:00 pm (increased physical activity, it's time for the manifestation of the strength and flexibility)

* Best time for sex: 10:00 pm — 01:00 am (the highest sensitivity of the skin)

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