7 best gifts for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day every year becomes more and more popular holiday. Although its history is linked with the name of the saint and has Catholic roots, he caught on around the world. Boys and girls congratulate their loved ones and try to spend time together.
This day is to spend a romantic, congratulating each other on holiday. Where's holiday, there gifts. Many do not know what you can to please the other half on February 14 but the answer lies on the surface. Just look at the hobbies you dear man, to his hobby — or select a win-win situation.
The best gifts for Valentine's Day
 If you give a girl flowers, it is always nice. Will it be a bouquet of roses or a live orchid in a pot, it is not so important — the main thing to know what she likes. Flowers can be presented in different ways: donate directly at the meeting on the street or in a romantic atmosphere, sitting in a cafe and you can strew petals bed or filled with water and foam bathroom.
Each to his own taste: some like big teddy bears, someone — a cute little bunnies, and someone like funny incomprehensible creatures with balls Antistress in the legs. Toys are many, they are all lovely and evoke memories of the one who gave them. Incidentally, this can present a souvenir and a young man, preferring a more «brutal» show.
Chocolate, sweets, caramel and marmalade — all he loves your dearest people. Surely in your town has designated areas with a variety of goodies, so do not deny the pleasure of a sweet tooth. And if you are a master in the kitchen, you can try to cook something yourself or enlisting the help of a soul mate.
A walk to the movies.
It is not necessary that the film was the romantic comedy. Maybe you both more than captured militants detectives or — why not? Go to the premiere, you will certainly be something to discuss later. You will spend time together in the last rows, perhaps forgetting about the film. Another option — to view the house, in a cozy atmosphere, with a glass of your favorite wine or champagne.
Puppy, guinea pig, rabbit — anybody, they are all lovely and all you'll take care of together. Pet — almost as a common child, requires attention and brings joy. They are waiting to return home from work, play, and run around the apartment themselves and give love in return. Just be sure that your partner does not have an allergy. It is better to choose the pet together, to unite and rally is you.
Girls like rings, bracelets and earrings. This is one of the best gifts in Valentine's Day. The selection may take time, but it will definitely be satisfied. A man February 14 can give gadgets or accessories for the vehicle.
Do yourself a custom-made T-shirts with the same print or find something similar in the online store. It's so cool to walk together, for all to see — you are a couple. You can also consider the acquisition of paired frames
Gifts that are not presented on Valentine's Day
There are signs and beliefs that not every gift will be a joy for lovers. For example, the clock is not presented because it is — a symbol of time, and as soon as they stop, separation occurs. Jewellery from pearls is also not recommended to give a lover, as many believe pearl stone tears.
To the present, and a promising separation include towels, napkins and handkerchiefs. If you or your loved one is superstitious, give up this choice. Remember, the more important consideration than the gift itself./
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