Get married... How to Marry? Where can I find a husband?

I am writing this not only for those who are married unbearable.
Some of my readers have long since married. And for those, in particular, those who understand that the reasons that prevent the marriage, can be magical and non-magical.

So how do you get married?

First of all, you should be ready for marriage. No, not in biological terms. And not even on the recommendations of Feng Shui (sleeping on a twin bed in the house and keep things for her future husband, and prepare things for his shelf in the closet).

Do think the ladies who want to get married, especially those living in capital cities to move to a man in his house or apartment?

Are seeking to marry a woman to change jobs, when to marry, if not a complete cessation of work?

Second, I'm a witch Reddy, I would like to note — it is magical negatives that prevent marriage.
Recently, a lady approached me, she was 35 years old. She was discovered ancestral curse. We talked and she reminded me that 15 years ago, she had already contacted me.

And now I have confirmed the presence of her curse on celibacy (loneliness), which were found by me many years ago. I asked her to get rid of this curse, and a love spell, marriage spell.
But then she did not listen, went to a fortune (we were talking to a lady on the remote work, and fortune teller took personally, it seemed very trustworthy lady).

After fortune-teller, this lady has visited some contactee with extraterrestrial civilizations, then another famous psychic ...

My friend the magician who successfully gets rid of alcohol, but not very successful in removing the family curse, told me recently: «Some people walk in a circle, after I come to you, then another to someone ...»
Had in mind by those who turned to the witch, then another turn to someone.

But I mentioned the woman was cut into circles a little wider! I'm hard to surprise, really. But again I was convinced that The Human stupidity is boundless.

So, this lady walked up to the psychologists. Then, to practice self-development. She went to the trainings and seminars, read books on positive thinking, meditating, and affirmations are uttered.

But that's not all!

This lady was involved in family constellations and esoteric trips to places of power, parachute jumping, walking on broken glass, consulted with the karmic psychologists and eat healthy food ...

In short, spending time on all sorts of rubbish, scored his head, and a bookcase various debris. While it is not married, although sometimes it appeared boyfriends (sexual partners), as a rule, carried away the same nonsense, and that she was fooled.

I said, this insane lady that if she had 15 years ago, listened to me, and I placed an order would be removed from her curse, it would be quite different. Now her eldest son would have bdruzhil with a classmate. A younger son broke a toy, refused to wash their hands before eating and required longer to watch cartoons.

But alas! Stupidity and distrust of the witches, prevents her from getting married and have children.

I conclude on this, because they do not intend to enumerate and go into all the reasons that prevent the creation of the family. I just wanted to briefly show only two of them. And now, a lot of reasons, and to describe, analyze each can be long.

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