How to meet a girl? Instruction.

So you're standing at the bus stop and you see it — a goddess! It is a way you imagined it — your ideal! How did it go and do not get «the gate — turn»?

First, look at ourselves… If you come back from the country in the company of shovels and rakes, and she's in a dress by Cardin and with the scent of French perfume, then you are pretty much like hard to breathe, and quietly wait for the bus. Because girls today are very shy, and Vidocq you, to put it mildly, not the most prepossessing… Even if you pull out of the inside pocket of a pack of platinum credit cards and you have to stop for a personal driver will call a limo… Alas, this does not help, because the recall known words, living still in the minds of people — like attracts like… So, today acquaintance you do not shine.

Consider another case. You walk down the street and see it. What to do?

Option number 1. For example, accidentally trip and fall in front of her… then stand up, nice smile… and ask her telephone number. Girls love the unusual and funny. But, most importantly, do not overdo it! If you both can stumble, fall, knock down the stairs a painter who at the time was painting the window and pour over the paint bucket — will cause you to «fast», and a stranger on the phone will be forgotten forever… But she will not forget you, for sure.

Option number 2. You should be carrying something small and furry… It could be a kitten, puppy, flower, at the very least — a little snake (for sooo exotic cases). You walk up to the girl, nice smile, telling you of Greenpeace and presents this miracle stranger asking our hands (flower, naturally, give), as long as you:

• tying his shoelaces;
• took out his phone to record the number of stranger, until she came to her senses;
• Do you buy it yourself and ice cream, juice, chips, beer, etc. (depending on the circumstances).

Option number 3. You watch for a while for the beautiful stranger… pinpoint the house where she lives… Just need to do it gently, and then instead of the coveted meeting with a girl and a nice time you can expect a riot and the bullpen (the girl will think that you — a maniac and you said at the police station). Then find and borrow during a friendly child, can the neighbor, it is desirable at this age, so he can not call you dad, and take a walk around your home beautiful… As soon as it appears on the outside and looking bored examines the landscape — you can safely approach and asking prior consent to your questions on how to change diapers, cook porridge, bathe, etc., citing the fact that his sister (neighbor) has asked you to look after the baby while she Having traveled to the village to my mother (very close, just over 200 miles), a real village milk… And you — a good soul, agreed to this noble act… but forgot to ask the little things! Believe me, in the eyes of the girls you will immediately get the aura of a knight, and knights of love!

Oh, and most importantly… You just have to be funny, resourceful and a good guy who is not afraid to laugh at themselves, can give a girl a sense of security and care ...

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