How to get rid of the guilt

Dissatisfaction with supervisor or co-workers are people take it personally. In personal relationships they consider themselves to be responsible for mood and pastimes of his partner. A man with a sense of guilt all the time going through that thought of him as he looks in the eyes of others, it is properly understood. He does not allow himself to relax or make a mistake, believing himself responsible for everything that happens. Often he not telling much, hides because he is afraid to offend or cause resentment and anger. Such a person does not conflict, never refuses anything, does not explain the relationship with others and afraid to make decisions. All this prevents live fully takes strength and energy.

The cause of the guilt lies in the desire to please others and to show their «goodness.» If you can not show «good» quality, a person suffers, suffers and thinks it's bad. We all have in mind is the image of a good man, which is based on our belief or imposed on us by society. And every time, when we can not be good and fit that image, a sense of guilt. The thing is not to justify their fear expectations or expectations of others.

Feelings of guilt formed from childhood under the influence of parents and teachers. Adults sometimes quite unintentionally develop it in a child, blaming, criticizing and blaming the child for something they think is bad. Thus, they try to develop the child's sense of responsibility for themselves and their actions, to teach the right way of life, but in fact unconsciously instill in him a sense of guilt.
For example, the child is stained, torn or still somehow ruined their clothes or toys, parents accuse him of carelessness, carelessness, saying that he does not like and does not appreciate the work of his parents, does not regret them at all. Or the child has lost an expensive thing, playing with her in the street. Of course, he is to blame for it, but because of his age, he can not understand the value of things. And parents, accusing him of deliberately damaging, ascribe motives nonexistent. Parents often do not realize that their criticism is unfair, because the child is unable to understand and control a lot of things because of their perception. Responsibility can be developed only patiently and calmly discussing the consequences of certain actions. This way of behavior is useful to parents, because the child with a sense of guilt can be easily managed. But in the end it develops an incomplete person, diffident man with a guilt complex.

But later in life we often impose guilt, our partners, colleagues and superiors. Each of us have heard many times in his address phrases like these: «I love you so much, and you do not ...» «Are not you ashamed to behave?», «You have to behave and not embarrass me» «I do so much for you and you are so ungrateful.» Person is told that he must act according to certain rules, which are disturbing to be accused of anything. Often other people act this way because they want to keep the other person to get attention or to any benefit.

To get rid of the guilt, you need to forgive yourself for all the mistakes you can make. Forgive yourself for past mistakes, recognize and correct them. Take a notebook and write in it all the errors and faults, describe everything that you feel a sense of guilt. Read everything out loud and say the words that you forgive yourself for everything. You can also mentally apologize to the other people, before whom you feel guilty. Light the candle and burn the piece gently with your mistakes, saying goodbye to them forever.
Recognize that you can make a mistake in the future, because nobody is perfect and can not in any situation to be for all a good person. Try to figure out what you really want in life. Find out what a person you are, and stay, not trying to meet the expectations of others.

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