How to rid husband of bad habits

How to get rid of the bad habits of her husband, if it's second nature, its genetic feature? Do not become a husband after all attempts little woman in a vegetable or henpecked? Do not try, do not know. But before you take risks, some features of male character.
Victims of Genetics

Male victims of their bad habits. They do not need to retrain, and to be pitied. Horrible male characteristics inherent in the opposite sex at the gene level. The task of getting rid of bad habits, requires careful revision. What features will be eliminated? Some may seem very nice at a closer look. For example, the habit of stretch in the morning with her mouth open like a lion's roar. Man, like, a lab animal, who does not hide his emotions.


How to get rid of a bad habit boyfriend (husband) do not shave for weeks? Bristle, «aroma» from mice very much like a female, or more precisely, of female gorillas. But people these displays macho not pretty. How to fix: do the same thing. Try not to shave a day or two and not just the legs and other private parts. Please select the right moment, for example, leave.


Of boys to do things like loud. So men say to the world that they are masters of the situation. In this habit has two sides. For example, a loud sneeze at the table might scare hateful relatives. But on the other hand, may not like more cultural friends. How to fix: Try to keep a few days noisy (sneeze, talk loudly). You will see that after a while my husband will not suffer, and finally asked: what is it?

Avid collector

How to get rid of the habit of her husband to collect items in the house of his profession? If a man is not a pathologist, you can just look at the problem from the other side. Why not take these little things as funny home decoration? They are easy to turn into such. To his professional attributes, you can add your cute stuff. We have an interesting pun:

1. To spread around the CD can buy special interest base.

2. A stack of magazines writer themselves can serve as the original stand.

3. For the old hoses, faucets and plumbing tools buy antique trunk. Here guests will be surprised when a look inside and find the «treasure».

Let all these lovely things will man's heart is evidence that lives in the house handyman.

Accustom to order

How to teach the other half to the order that he did not ask all the time, where are the socks, and where the same tie? From this habit does not have to get rid of. If the wife has the right answers to all the questions of her husband, she is priceless. But for those who can not read minds, you can suggest the following. Make a list for men, where are his things. This can be a list of the places where my husband used to put certain things. This record can be with things that are in place. Hang it in a prominent place — fridge or cupboard.
Remove one link

Bad habits of men (long stretching in bed, shaving, washing hair in the morning, turn on the computer) — a set of sequential actions. This kind of links in the chain. By removing one, all the chain breaks.


If the husband is not used for a wash after drinking a glass of tea, do the same thing: leave a puddle on the floor, hair in the sink, a glass on the table, keep the toothpaste. Here he was surprised when he got home and found the mess. Perhaps this will make him change. Alternatively, you can bring it to the bathroom or the kitchen and ask for clean up.

If he does not listen

Women often annoying habit of men's skip all deaf ears. Perfect solution: in a normal conversation insert provocative phrases like «I'm pregnant», «I am of you going.» Once he will pay attention, keep the conversation in the same spirit, as if nothing had happened. In time, he will learn to listen and not be distracted.

It does not help around the house

No need to push, to settle her husband, nag, scold. It is better to offer a deal. For example, he three times a week doing the dishes or vacuuming, and she is preparing a surprise for him or not inviting home mom, does not object to his good cheer.

Goes to the same

The fact that the stronger sex does not change clothes several times a day, there is a bright side. But going a week in a T-shirt, and indelibly — is already too much. How to deal: tell me that his favorite shirt is torn after washing or village, and send it to the trash. Just be sure to buy instead of a consolation prize.

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