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Together with a powerful burst of interest in the methods and possibilities of psychology, safe to say that the risks appear brighter and complexity associated with the mass. A large number of people who offer services of so-called «professional psychologists,» but they do have a rather vague idea about the components of this professionalism.

Known fact — demand creates supply. People's interest in their inner world, as well as increased self-knowledge and that means increased development and awareness of the individual. But only here and there is a main challenge.

To date, there is a fairly clear contrast psycho — Applied Psychology and the scientific or academic psychology. The gap between theory and practice quickly increases and transforms into a deep abyss. First of all, this is the very reason that a growing share of practical psychology.

As a result of these opposing comparisons and a gradual contraction of the space of scientific psychology, and most problematic fields yield different kinds of «practical psychology.» The palette of techniques that are offered are actually quite large: NLP — practice, psycho Express — Personal Growth Program, mysticism, esoteric teachings.

Among those who freely offer their work on themselves, there is quite a lot of frank charlatans or professionals who are not effective in their work. They act in violation of the principle of sustainability, that is, solving one problem one method they chose, very often get side effects without incurring any liability for their actions.

To psychology did become the leading science of man, and could easily be called «Science of the XXI century», naturally helped and contributed to the development of man, and practical psychologists could identify themselves as professionals in their field to certain conditions:

1 — For the human sciences need to understand what is going on in the world, in particular and in society. A true professional has a certain adaptability to adapt to conditions that can change at any moment, and have his own life and emotional experience.

2. When did discipline loses all connection with serious methodological base, it transforms me into a collection of quotes and no justification for a set of techniques.

Used specialist psycho must be justified on theoretical knowledge and scientific aspects. In another way, his work is reincarnated in scanning and reproduction of a number of practical tools.

This approach denies depth and gives the perception of technology to be applied several times reducing the efficiency and, quite often, discredited methods totally unprofessional performance.

3 — professionals who work in the field of applied psychology, we need the relationship of psychological knowledge from different areas: children, general, social, educational, and historical psychology. The most effective approach is to work not for individual areas, but only on the issues. Under the valuable work with a person to understand the presence of certain psychological knowledge.

4. Practical psychologist who works effectively, first, acts as a facilitator. His task — is to help move the process of decision-making by the individual and how much help to alleviate it. Developed in the course of a professional solution then when it is feasible and valid only for the person you are working.

For all this, the psychologist must be impartial, else, and must have empathy, and self-sufficiency.

5 — The Legend of the «shoemaker without shoes» in this case is not acceptable. If the expert claims to be a practical psychologist, he should first meet the level of the man who produces professional advice, and improves its human qualities.

For this reason, a professional at least feels very confident in the areas of relations with yourself and the people around him, which he chose for himself a professional line of work. For such a reason professional simply must be successful myself.
Psychology studies the following:

— Mental processes
— Mental status
— Mental property rights

Applied psychology deals with issues that are directly connected with

— Self-realization
— Harmonious relationship not only with ourselves, but with other people
— Make the information to achieve the result that is available to mankind.

But it is possible only if, following the practice of the theory goes. And first of all to himself, especially the results of your own work.
Respect your inner world — choose for yourself a professional one that will give you the opportunity to use in the development of all life and the opportunities and gives us the psychology that claims to the first position in the twenty-first century.

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