Married Man

What is a love triangle with the point of view of the small world? And why, as soon as the lover begins to compete with my wife — she loses? On this and many other things — a special investigation into the «Women of magic.»
Newspapers and magazines are full of ads — «Return to the family of her husband.» «Looking for love spell», «eliminate a rival.» Most clients magic shops — it's abandoned wives who are willing to use any means, as long as the lime mistress. And mistress who will do anything for a man still left the family and went to her.
Statistics says — only 5 percent of men leave his wife for his mistress. On average, an affair with a married lasts from 1 to 5 years. However, as a general rule, if a man leaves his wife for the first two years — he will not do it ever. It — dry numbers. And behind them tears disappointments, broken hearts and dream of a white wedding dress, which, like a sail — all dalshe further departures to the horizon and becomes a mirage.
You would go to your princess!
When the husband met Karina from the hospital with her second child, she happened to see him on the phone sms-ku — «Princess The mine, without you I miss you!» A short investigation — Check emails plus hard interrogation — revealed the presence of her husband's mistress. Tortured birth and sleepless nights with little time for Kareena razoa tried to imagine what it looks like «Princess» — painted in a beautiful dress, with large breasts and bread and salt on his outstretched hands. «And I for some reason he never called her Princess» — after the rage in the soul woke up resentment. Karen realized that her husband never loved her for real. I.… drove the wrong house. He did not want to leave and many times was trying to come back. But forgive and forget Karina could not. After this «prince» and «princess» began living together. A few years later, Karen met a man who calls her «princess.» And terribly jealous when she sometimes with «prince» and the children go to ride on the carousel.
Men — Conservative by nature. Nest, home, castle, persistence, commitment, and stability — these words to them, and have a maximum weight tsennsot. Therefore, to such a copy went to the wrong side — it should just push him kicked out of the house.
In general, in terms of the subtle world — a triangle shape is very stable. Just keep that in mind. Consider who in your relationship with your beloved third? A baby? Your mom? Or, perhaps, an invisible opponent? In all cases, as long as there emotionally involved three characters — the ratio is not threatened rupture. Presence of a third power glues. But if a woman locked in a child (or as happened with Kareena for two children) and strikes a man out of his «circle of trust» — in this case it can find another «point of support» in the form of a lover who understands, tolerates and will always find time for him and force.
Complex age
When the Face — 18-year-old student, I realized that the favorite is not going to go right tomorrow his wife for her — she started to come up with different tricks. Was on duty near the Institute, where she worked as a wife to see her. Convinced that she — the perfect bag. And what is of value in her just her apartment, a car and giving that perfect enjoys her hubby. However, just as he enjoyed a carefree and Lika, which was fresh, good and his age at 15 years. Lika was trying to take him out for a few days in the boarding house. He seemed to be soglasilslya. But three nights — came to her only one — the last one — «There were so many of the kitten.» And in the end its a direct question — when we're together? — She got a response — «We're together, but from my wife, I'm not leaving. Daughter — 15 years. She has a difficult age. „
Men hardly know how to lie, if the question is put directly and correctly.. If we are sure of something — for example in the fact that he is madly in love us or that he wanted a child together — so better have it right about this and ask. hear not the answer will surprise you.
I'll wait!
He lived in Moscow, and his wife — in London. There, she had a favorite job. There's a lovely English school student and daughter. There were better living conditions. Here in Moscow, he met her, Masha — divorced mother of two, twin boys. The boys soon became known as Sasha dad. And more and more difficult to explain to them why daddy is not with them, nor for the New Year and summer at the cottage. But in the London apartment of his wife, he regularly watered the flowers, the neighbors saw and knew — he is here, he lives at home. And Englishwoman constantly suffered from various diseases. Therefore, almost all of his salary went to her daughter for drugs and on new clothes — could not that same look worse than her classmates from school somewhere near Baker Street. But Mary still loved him, and waited, believed and hoped. It has been 5 years — and the first time they celebrated their new year together. After another three years, he divorced his wife of London. After another 2 years — Masha and her beloved daughter was born Helen. Now the only thing missing Masha for happiness — is a stamp in the passport. And she is still waiting, and suddenly Sasha did propose to her?
Patience — one of the primary assets of mistresses. Anyway loving women. And even slchae when a woman is ready for all conditions, is ready to wait for years while he is with her, a man leaves his family only slchae if the family itself has almost none. However, feelings of guilt for leaving his wife and children — all at times makes him most of their forces and resources to give them. That hard, that one and that there is no one to help.
All the same, you will be mine!
Cyrus decided to it right away, see high brown-haired with bright green, slightly slanting eyes. Rustam was Tatar. And they have about the families are very strict rules. But that did not stop Cyrus. Her furious temper — could not resist anything. And he did six months away from his wife. When candy-flowers period is over, Kira suddenly discovered that living with a domineering, self-willed selfish, for which all her friends — silly. Their husbands — fuckers. A minute delay its work virtually tantamount to treason. A few years later, tired of the scandals, she left Rustam. Took a painful housing exchange in which Cyrus has found a modest living space to life with her new husband — a completely Russian and accommodating Sasha, who recently celebrated his wife of 15 years of marriage. Kira does not bother “busy» of men. «Well, if I thought he was going to be my — he will be here to stay,» — she says confidently.
Why some women always fall for the non-free men? Perhaps because they have low self-esteem? «If he prefers his wife — me, so I'm standing for something» — so says about it. Or it attracts extreme thirst sensation — when you have always something to hide. When the secret meetings and short heating up to incredible heights.

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