Mother in law from hell

Your mother in law makes you dread? At the thought that she was coming, I want to run away from home? A typical situation, really. Here is how to deal with it: to defend their point of view or put himself hoarse fake smile and all say, «Yes, Mom, you are so right, your soup is better.» I think that both positions will not lead to anything but scandal. Sometimes it's better to cheat and be wise in the struggle for a happy family.
And this is how, now teach.
1. «I'd rather know how to teach children!»
I'm sure many have heard the phrase, and it is infuriating. But if you give his feelings and ask them not to interfere with your family — it is unlikely to bring peace in the relationship. So be wise.
Because of what is going on? It is possible that in-law really wants to feel desired. We're all afraid of being alone, so let the old woman tolerant. Of course, do not gloss over the problem, but the curse is meaningless. Let's take her to express their opinions, but not necessarily listen to him. More rarely raise the child with her mother in law — she simply did not find a reason to find fault. Call and the Council — it would be nice. Just try under any pretext to limit communication with the mother-child. You should not give it to her grandmother for the summer — then the impact will be too great.
2. «My soup tastes better than yours!»
Many in-laws are convinced that better bake pies, and the apartment cleaned, and take care of his son much more carefully careless daughter. Okay, if they only thought so. But these women are trying at every opportunity to needle and hook.
Do not just swear and prove their case. Consider a situation with three positions: it is yours and neutral. So be able to understand whether the claims are objective. Experience in-law still more. Suddenly all the tips only attempt to «eat», and one can benefit? You should also consult with her regularly. Make it clear he does not like her son, and that just loves, and take prescription. So she sees that you are willing to learn and listen, not just to argue. You can ask for help on the farm — use it for the good zeal. And nice in-law, and good for you.
3. «Either me or her»
Mother — sacred for everyone. Well, what man could resist such a request of a loved one, especially arched portion of tears? End of the world in general, if the mother-son begins to adjust against you. In the war of the winners will not be, and end up with another broken family. Perhaps in-law again, nothing to do, and it is difficult to live without worries about his son. That man has to show in this case to explain the wonders of diplomacy and mother that he has his own family, which is very important for him.
It may be worth considering if the husband often runs to her mother in law. It may be that the cakes that you thought were top of the culinary arts, really rare stuff, and there are more of them, he can not. That goes to my mother decent lunch. If the cause of this — do not swear-in-law, but rather take a couple of tips. Do not call it a bad word, but try to be tactful and wiser.
4. «Compulsive guest»
Another problem with the law — its haunting presence in your home. If at first it started with holidays together, but now every night she visited by with cakes and pretends not to understand hints. Or worse — you live together. Psychologists are many different theories and opinions, but one thing they agree absolutely: the young should live separately. Therefore, until the situation is out of control, take a few simple rules:
— Try to at least sit in your house, it is best to carry out some holidays it
— Praise her house, say, in which she lives right place
— Call-in-law often observe this distance
— Buy a ticket to the theater, museum or Philharmonic every weekend
Using these simple tips, you can greatly facilitate and his life, and the whole family.

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