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As a child to live with a new father? How child to come to terms with the new father?

4.09.2005 Red Mercury

As a child to live with a new father?How child to come to terms with the new father?Creating a new family, every woman hopes that the current choice is able to give a lot of happiness, not only her, but her child.

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How to Marry a Millionaire (business plan)

2.10.2005 Red Mercury

How to Marry a Millionaire (business plan)On the popular website for traders letter appeared on the 25-year-old girl, who writes the following:What to do? I — beautiful, funny, intelligent 25-year-old girl.

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Why my wife left me? Reasons and problem solving

27.06.2008 Red Mercury

Why my wife left me? Reasons and problem solving "My wife left me, what to do? Wife left me, why? wife left, I do not understand why?"When on you wife left you hardly believe in it, you can not understand why? Why has this happened because it was good.

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How to get husband back

22.01.2009 Red Mercury

How to get husband backWhen the husband left - it is always painful. Even if family life was not happy. And even if the husband was not particularly love. It's human nature. When the man who gave you at least once to understand what sets you apart from others, can not live without you, that believes you have the best of all, suddenly once again "pushes" you into "total number" - it can not hurt, do not bite.

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I'm looking for a psychologist

17.03.2009 Red Mercury

  Together with a powerful burst of interest in the methods and possibilities of psychology, safe to say that the risks appear brighter and complexity associated with the mass. A large number of people who offer services of so-called "professional psychologists," but they do have a rather vague idea about the components of this professionalism.

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How to get rid of the guilt

4.04.2009 Red Mercury

  Dissatisfaction with supervisor or co-workers are people take it personally. In personal relationships they consider themselves to be responsible for mood and pastimes of his partner. A man with a sense of guilt all the time going through that thought of him as he looks in the eyes of others, it is properly understood.

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14.04.2009 Red Mercury

  Stress - our response to the poor Luule Viilma known Estonian psychologist, believes that the language of stress to talk to us our own lives, and stress - invisible energy ties with negativity.

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the work of the psychologist

21.04.2010 Red Mercury

  uschestvuet so many myths about the activities of the psychologist? Let's see what kind of myths?The first myth. Psychologist as a priest. If we consider that for many centuries, people poured out soul, repented, confessed it was the priest, the origin of this myth becomes obvious.

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How to respond to an insult?

30.04.2010 Red Mercury

  The world, unfortunately, is not perfect. Maybe if it was different, it would be boring, but some of the manifestations of this imperfection can not just deliver unpleasant moments, they can permanently unsettle.

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10 tips for those who want to make life easier and more successful

8.04.2012 Red Mercury

  Recently, the American edition of the newspaper "Wall Street Journal" published an article in which a list of cases and the time favorable for implementation.I chose the most useful and interesting tips: * The best time to send email: 6.

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