Stress — our response to the poor

Luule Viilma known Estonian psychologist, believes that the language of stress to talk to us our own lives, and stress — invisible energy ties with negativity. For each of us the concept of «bad» means different things, but in response to trouble, constantly experiencing them internally, we thus establish contact with them, which is growing by the day — that is stress.

How to stop responding to the bad?

To begin to understand that there is good and bad, there is only the diversity of life, just some things cause us discomfort and pain. And if in any unpleasant situation blame on the side (the government, bosses, relatives, neighbors), we would remain helpless victims, hostage to circumstances can change his fate. But when we realize that we ourselves are the cause of the events, we become creators.

And we must remember that like attracts like. If we are afraid of getting sick, the thought of ailments necessarily dragged disease. When we condemn someone for misconduct, life will put us in a situation where we will have accomplished something similar. In other words, the surrounding reality — a reflection of our thinking.

And still need to constantly keep in mind that every situation can teach us anything, it is a specific job that we have to do and to understand something, to change, to become better, stronger and cleaner. In life, nothing is random and useless, and when we learn to accept the reality in all its forms, we come to the conclusion that any, even the most tragic event in our understanding — our teacher, a guru, which we ourselves have attracted.

What to do, if we live properly, and the fate uses stressful situation to stir us to make more informed, make think about your life? If we ourselves become creators of their world, not stress, because life will cease to rouse us with a hammer on the head — why, when we are awake? And if something happens, do not fit into our plans, we will treat it differently, calmer and wiser.

So, in order not to receive lessons through suffering, to start work on yourself and learn the language of stress, we are also interested to know that he wants to tell the world?

Reaction to bad — it's a lack of love

We see the negative in the world around them because of a lack of love in his heart. Who or what makes us think Uncle Vasya from a neighboring apartment bad (he cut in music at night)? Why do we get angry at the slave, who performed the job later than it should be? For some reason, we hate her ex-husband and wife for what they messed up our lives? And while we are experiencing severe stress. Reason only in the absence of love, the inability to love unconditionally, without any «but» and «if.»

When we love the world, you take it for what it is — with all the imperfections. And then no one will put out of ourselves, we cease to envy and offended, sick and suffering. Stress leave us, because in our body it does not catch hold.

How to love this imperfect world in which so much evil… How to love and accept yourself? For this there is a simple and effective method — forgiveness. Forgiveness — the shortest way to acceptance, and there to just love ...

Meditation forgiveness

This meditation is not necessary to carry out in solitude and silence. We can go on public transport or walk, make soup or stroke, the main thing — attitude. Analyze your stress, identify its causes and proceed. For example, the stress caused by problems at work, and the threat of dismissal. Mentally imagine boss emotionally relax and repeat to yourself: «Mr. Smith, I forgive you for all the trouble I caused, for all the negative thoughts and feelings about you, and also for the pain experienced in communicating with you. I forgive myself. » We can speak in their own words, the main thing — to put all the sincerity and determination.

Initially, it will be difficult, the words will mechanical and forced. By the way, if there's no one there, you can say the phrase out loud. Then seeing results — the pain subsides, the offense will calm down, calm down and emotions. Meditation can deepen and to include phrases such as «Mr. Smith, I accept you for who you are. I love you, even if you will be good. I wish you light and love. „

Do not forget to say to yourself, “I accept myself for who I am, and I love myself.» Otherwise, if you excuse me, finally, Ivan, and even love it, your stress can migrate to other areas associated with feelings of guilt and self-flagellation. And this is as bad as to be offended by others. Remember — not only Mr. Smith is not to blame, but you are in no way to blame. Accept yourself entirely, and work on a no discouraging, just do not need to passions, why you one more stress?

Forgiveness meditation can also be sent to your fears and weaknesses. «I love you, angry, I know that you — my reaction to traumatic events. Thanks for your help. But now I've learned to take life as it really is, and therefore no longer need you. Goodbye… „You can imagine the anger in the form of a cloud, which departs from you in the sky, and you waving to him.

Any situation can work out this way, any conflict with people is desirable to conduct a meditation forgiveness. Do not forget to talk to the very stressful, thank him and forgive, and even forgive yourself ...

Yes, the work here — a virgin land… And who said it would be easy? However, the game were worth the candle. Every day, you will feel much better and freer. You will notice that no longer react badly to the negative, you will improve relationships with people, and in life will add joy and happiness. You'll never think of the stress, and he gladly forget about your existence ...

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