To live up to the spring: why February - the most depressing month

 Throughout his life, we are constantly under stress, which often leads to depression and even unwillingness to live. However, any situation can be corrected, and even February-month able to start playing with bright colors.
Scientists have proved that February is the most depressing month of the year. Why is this happening, and what is the period differs from the others?
Everyone knows that the winter slows down the pace of life, and even the most active people are starting to spend more time at home in the warmth and comfort. This reduction in mobility due to low temperature conditions. However, not only does this affect the rhythms of human life. The duration of the day and abrupt weather changes also make certain mood. After the sun sets much earlier in winter than in summer, so all is not enough light and heat.
Such natural factors greatly affect not only the physical condition of the person, but also on his psyche. The prolonged absence of sunlight inhibits the already uncomfortable condition caused by temperature conditions. In this weather, even animals react: some of them hibernate to ride out this period of natural stagnation.
On the physical level, we have learned to help themselves — by methods such as leisure and additional vitamins: they can compensate for the lack of heat and sun and restore our energy. However, on his inner depression it is very difficult to handle alone.
Stress at work, experience of failed relationships and caring for loved ones constantly keep our minds in suspense. And even at night we did not have time to relax, because it constantly scrolls all the negative events that happened to us or just another may happen in the future. If you stay long without proper rest, you can even earn a nervous breakdown, and that is what is the first stage of the doldrums.
On our reluctance to move is superimposed inner apathy, which only worsens the perception of the world. And yielding to negative thinking, the person loses the desire to do something and achieve their goals. In such a state does not want, and all the dreams of moving away even more. We are accustomed themselves to cheat and then another curse for inaction.
It is a vicious circle from which it is very difficult to get out alone. And if we add to all the long New Year holidays, which lifted spirits and gave hope for something new, there is a feeling that nothing has happened. This effect post-holiday sadness has long been known, but that he does not cease to be a real problem.
How to cope with depression
First of all you need to honestly admit to yourself that you are in the same state of reluctance to change anything. Such recognition is not easy and is one of the most difficult on the way to a new life and positive. But you must remember that the first step is always the hardest.
Then be engaged in their physical form. Even if you think that it is healthy, propyl course of vitamins to help tune in to an active lifestyle. Also, join a gym, pool or dance lessons. At first it will be difficult to persuade myself to leave the house, but you have to be steadfast on the path to a happy pastime.
And last but not least — is working on their thoughts and emotions. In this case, only the persistent and regular spiritual practices, meditation and positive attitude will help you enjoy the new day. Force yourself to smile, and you will notice how boredom and sadness will leave you once and for all.
© witch Reddy

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