Why my wife left me? Reasons and problem solving

 Why my wife left me? Reasons and problem solvingWhen on you wife left you hardly believe in it, you can not understand why? Why has this happened because it was good.
And when the woman left to the men, the men are in complete disarray, as expected, that the wife is gone and even if you have children, you can not, it seems incredible, but it happens in our time it happens more often.
Increasingly, not husbands away from wives, throwing them to the children, and the wives go along with the children of men, although there are those who leave and children, but that is another issue.
Be that as it may be? is stressful and difficult situation, being that in which the first men do is to ask — «Why?»

And that's about it today, I'll tell you, we will look at the reasons why wives leave their husbands, taking them, often without saying a word.
Men whose wife left, first of all assume that she did it because of her lover, and that it was the primary cause of treason, for which the beloved decided to take this step.
But this is only an assumption of course his wife, too, and can change to leave her husband for another man, but this is not always the case, by the way, which is not the case for men, who almost never leave his wife into the void and to nowhere
                                                        Reasons why wife left you

Alcoholism and drunkenness.

The main reason why the wife leaves her husband, it is his alcoholism.
Women can not cope with her husband's addiction and his behavior the influence of alcohol — that beatings and abuse and disrespectful treatment, not only with his wife, but also with children, they are the first victims of dependent parents, tolerate such a normal woman and mother can and leaves.

In addition, the drinking man inevitably degrades, loses normal mental capacity and changes both externally and internally. Completely changed his interests and hobbies which dwell only on alcohol and the desire to use it.

Therefore, to live with a man — an alcoholic for a long time is not possible, most such cohabitation ends or the general degradation of the family, or the death of a spou Beatings.
Another reason for leaving wives from their husbands, are regular beatings by their husbands.

And these men cause quite a beating for several reasons:

Some people do not like to contradict them;

Others believe that the wife has no right to raise his voice;

Still others believe that the regular «The gave, on the brain,» his wife, is necessary to prevent, to know where she belongs;

Fourth, consider that his wife is a pear on which to vent their failures.

List these reasons can be a very long time, the main thing is that in our country is the most common cause. I would like to note that we do not mean the one-time assault, and regular.
And in our country, the wife not often walk away from such men as we would like. As a rule, those women whose husbands are regularly beaten, leaving, often return to them, and at the same time feeling sorry for fear of her husband.
Husband has a mistress

Betrayal of her husband, one of the most common reasons why the wife leaves.
And even with the change, men often wonder why the wife left. Because they believe that their cheating is just physiology and that they change nothing wrong, and even more reprehensible, because a real man loves women.

Women, do not always agree with this opinion, so think of treason, a betrayal, and not willing to fight for the relationship going.

Good or bad should consider each situation separately, the fact is that cheating husband is the reason for leaving his wife.

Attitude for granted.

Men often forget that his wife — a woman, and therefore requires attention, care, affection and feelings.

Instead, the men coming home, do not kiss his wife, and pronounce words like «So, give me something to eat,» «de my shoes,» «why are not ready ...»

What is the color man remembered only for March 8 and still extremely outraged by the fact that they have to give.
Sweet words there when something needs to be a wife or for the same holiday.
In short, the wife is a free application for a man's life for his pleasure.

When the female essence begins to resist, then start conflicts and misunderstanding on the part of men, and then the wife goes away, but in this situation, the wife goes to another man. Since it is the other man to her like that, she is a woman who deserves respect, and love, and affection.

The man did not want to have children.

The purpose of women — is to give a new life.
Every woman wants to be realized as a mother, the men are afraid of this fate and do not want to be fathers and to take on this responsibility.
That is why one of the reasons why the wife leaves her husband, he did not wish to have children.
A woman can put up with a lot, but not with this, so out of a man, even a loved one.

It is also quite controversial issue and we helped those pairs, for real reasons, not the child's wishes on the part of men, may be quite different.

There are few men who would love a woman for real, do not want to have children by her. So in this, we must analyze to help the pair to resolve the situation.

So, we have listed the main reasons for which a wife may leave her husband.
And in order to prevent such, you should always be attentive to his wife, remember about your love about your feelings, warm them, work on them and on the relationship. If you already feel that something you have not, watch, try to understand the situation, if you find it hard to do it yourself — write to us and our experts will help you understand, will make for you personal advice and steps, you will be able to improve relations with his wife.
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