How to detect lies by facial expressions and body language?

Gestures appeared much earlier than humans learned to speak, and before he had the need to lie. Facial expressions and gestures can say a lot, they give the state the interlocutor, and being attentive, you will notice a lot.

How to detect lies by facial expressions and body language? The most striking example of sign language — dance. He clearly than words, expresses the essence of the person. In dance, you can not lie. Watch on a night of dancing. Here is the uncle with his legs apart and slightly stamped his. This is clearly superior. His straight posture, her hands do not make unnecessary movements. Who's next shifting from foot to foot? Who stooped and bent elbows and pressed them to the body? This — deputy. Relationship with the head of his not very widely… waving his hands and making intricate pas feet dancing secretary boss. It — close to the first lady, she is not allowed to hide their own «self.»

By the end of the party boss can go squatting Deputy squared his shoulders, and the secretary will throw shoes on high heels. When each of them was sincere? Either at the beginning or after, just at different times, they felt differently. By learning to understand the language of dance, you can learn a lot about his friends. Less than a professional dancer, the more honest he is in dance. However, as in life. Professional liar, usually himself believes in what he says, so it can not give any facial expressions or gestures.

Gestures are transmitted genetically. Relatives who have never met each other, can be used when communicating the same gestures. Gestures and facial expressions run by the subconscious part, which is difficult to control. It is because the gestures «tied» to the genetics and played unconsciously, we can not understand the words that a person has to say, or, conversely, tries to hide.

Psychologists have identified a group of gestures, which may indicate that the person is lying. How to detect lies by facial expressions and body language? We hear from his childhood: «Look into my eyes!». Of course, after such strict orders to keep hard look, even if you have not done anything wrong, but that his eyes reflect the human condition. The other person looks away, perhaps he's hiding something or lying. It is not excluded, however, that he was just shy by nature.

When a person with whom you are talking to starts toying accessories, touch your nose, ears, chin, and he's worried. If he had no reason to tremble before your reasons subordination, perhaps he is lying. Sign of cheating may be that other person blinks frequently appears in the voice hoarseness. Of course, if you start to stare intently at the gestures and facial expressions to monitor not only the owner of blinks superustoychivoy mind or… professional liar, so the first attempts to detect lies is best done by those who can not see you — for example, on television heroes.
On the question of how to detect lies by facial expressions and gestures, I have deliberately avoided the uniqueness of using the word «may», «could be.» Everyone is different, and the emotions they display differently. Someone is lying out of fear of someone just ashamed to admit in a deed. On what the motive lies, the degree of «readiness» deceiver, presented information on the importance of independent and gestures, and facial expressions.

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