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Other Magic (Service)

- I Working with bicurious people (Bisexual spells, Gay Spell)

- I Working with problem children

- Searching for disappeared people, animals, objects

- Removal of devil-eye, curse, death magic spell, loneliness spell

- Biological field restoration

- Putting bioenergy protection

- Changing of fate, removal of karmic problems

- Putting absolute protection from all kinds of effects

- Removal of possession

- Impact on the weather (rains, storms, droughts) spells.






magic incantations

Protect your computer with the help of magic

25.06.2009 Red Mercury

  Star symbol - one of the most powerful symbols of protection, and not by chance that this character is present in many state flags, emblems, awards, etc. In the center of the mandala Algiz rune - the strongest sign of protection, which greatly increases the level of protective properties, as well as the red color of the picture.

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Car and magic. Automobile superstition. Magical protection car. Magic insurance

4.07.2009 Red Mercury

Car and magic.Where in Russia come from the tradition of hanging bells on the horse's neck in a horse carriage? Why in England to the crew with the newlyweds a hundred years ago were tied behind old boots, lined with nails, which gave an incredible roar? One explanation - to scare evil spirits.

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Magic and witchcraft in the sport.

18.11.2009 Red Mercury

  Probably in the world no more superstitious people than athletes. To achieve victory, they are ready to make the strange rituals, believe in signs, wearing amulets and "happy pants", follow horoscopes, visit psychics and trust the outcome of the game full-time shamans etc.

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