Car and magic. Automobile superstition. Magical protection car. Magic insurance

Car and magic. Automobile superstition. Magical protection car
Where in Russia come from the tradition of hanging bells on the horse's neck in a horse carriage? Why in England to the crew with the newlyweds a hundred years ago were tied behind old boots, lined with nails, which gave an incredible roar? One explanation — to scare evil spirits.
At first glance, this miracle of technology as a modern car, and a belief in magic rituals little combined with each other, but that religious symbols and amulets, which are present in almost every vehicle interior, suggest otherwise.
May not be neglected experience of ancestors, if you can protect his «iron horse» of theft, accidents and other disasters using simple magic rituals?
Here is one of the rituals of protecting the car from all evils, which offers popular in the West over the religious and magical «uikka.» Thoroughly washed inside and outside the car is rinsed with water, which added an infusion of herbs that have protective powers — laurel, rosemary or dill (1 tablespoon of herbs brewed cup of boiled water, 10 minutes, then filter.)
After that the plot against hostile forces, which would require four white church candles, incense, a compass, and salt. Perhaps in top gear there and more effective means of protection, but it is considered an effective remedy. The machine must be placed on the hood of the east and feet away from the radiator to put on the ground a lighted candle. While mentally imagine that you intertwining of protective energy around the car dazzling white net. Then light the other candles and stand — on the right (south) and the rear bumper (east) and the left (north). While mentally continue to weave a protective net.
Apart all the candles, to add salt hood of the car, the roof and the floor inside the car and the tires, windows and doors to oil incense. Now sit down in the car to the driver, try to relax and how to imagine the interior is filled with a protective energy — a dazzling white, cast out the darkness of all the nooks and crannies of the engine and other car parts.
 Automobile (car) superstition.
Examination fordriver's license -the same test as everyone else, which means that in no case did not wash my hair and put a coin under the heel (but does not specify under what).
Like any purchase, a car wash and the right, and some understand it literally and poured champagne wheels. Of course, the law, the officer stars, you will not throw a glass, but you can dip the edge. Washed, as it should be — then, and the car will not break down, and the right not to be taken away.
If in the first two months hit the car — better to sell, it seems that she is unhappy.
You can not bypass the car in front — that's not good.
Signs of the accident: a car or take a picture of her pee.
Put parts from a car that had an accident — so court disaster, and to my car, because it is believed that these parts with black karma.
Whistle in the cabin — a traffic cop stops.
Do not talk inside the car that are going to sell it — the machine will retaliate and break.
Before a long journey can not wash the car.
If the road you strongly knocked, that is a sign: knocked back — will add the money front — diminish.
A 100% sure sign: wash the car — in the evening it will rain.
Reason is that the car can not have seeds — will be a big trouble.
But the rumor is that he came on a dirty car on a first date — three months of sex will not be connected, apparently, with someone's bad experience. Perhaps she got hurt neat and concluded that the owner of the car is better. It is better to err on the car wash, the more that reason is.
Bird droppings on the body, like the dream of… to put it delicately, excrement — money. But if it does not wash off, you probably will spend — a fine for a dirty car.
Repeatedly proven sign: if the fuel gauge stood at zero, are coming minor expenses.
If the car wash near his home, expect that its fleece thieves.
If you do not warn oncoming drivers that they are expected lurking near the road traffic police, have lost a best friend. Well, it is quite logical: on the road shown all human qualities, including a sense of camaraderie, and good friend, do not quit.
Throw garbage out the window of his car — expect a long streak of bad luck (some say a year), and in danger of losing teeth or lights, not to mention the fine.
Do not whistle in the car, not to stop the traffic cops, and counts the money in the cabin, as their sensitive hearing picks rustle of banknotes for 10 km. The latter does not apply, however, to taxi Moscow is better to get the money in the cabin than chase after a passenger who successfully used this sign.
If you give the name of the car and treat her with love and care, then it does not disappoint in the most critical situations. Also, it is recommended to buy the car at the rich, for you have moved to those nuggets of luck that store cars. Although it is difficult to imagine that an ordinary motorist could buy iron horse, for example, from the stable of Abramovich ...
Magic protection car or magical insurance :)
Car and magic. Automobile superstition. car protection carEvery car owner wants his car never broke. Probably totally get away will not work, but you can bring them all to a minimum. How? Undergo regular inspection, follow the rules of operation of vehicles, gasoline fueled good — lots of tips. But you can still attract and otherworldly forces for help.
Do not believe me? In vain, because in China has long been understood, what is important teachings of Feng Shui, and even choose the car wash, auto repair and carry out its diagnosis, many Chinese will not — without regard to teaching about energy.
However, the very doctrine does not mean anything supernatural, and his advice on how to avoid, for example, repair of gearboxes, do not differ from advice auto mechanics. For example, the recommended keep the car clean and closely monitor his condition. It is believed that one trouble necessarily entails another evil, and this fact has a reasonable explanation. So, if you do not like how the transmission, you need automatic diagnostics, it will tell any mechanic. In the teachings of Feng Shui serious damage attributed to the fact that people feel uncomfortable in the car, causing the flow of energy. Be that as it may, both — and practical, and magic options are the owner of the car to the car wash.
Here again, the practice of magic and meet together. If you need an automatic transmission repair, contact the service that you will not cheat. How to select it? Tips here much, but Feng Shui, and experienced craftsmen garages agree on one opinion — just not the service in which you can put parts / used. According to ancient Chinese teaching every detail of the car carries some information. And if a car that previously were part, was «unfortunate», you will find the same fate. However, the master of the service centers with expertise in the diagnosis and repair of vehicles, would agree with the magicians of China. After all, do not know what the true wear parts that are put on the car. It is likely that in a month you are invited to a big failure — who's to say you were not warned?
The same goes for cars bought with it. Feng shui experts say that if someone crashed a car, then the car carries a charge of negative energy. Car service certainly also take otsovetuet broken car — no diagnosis sometimes can not detect defects and car actually breaks. Chinese scholar advises buying a car from individuals associated with criminal organizations, common sense tells us that here Celestial scientists are right — and suddenly a car stolen?
In short, it is possible to believe in magic, you can laugh at the advice, for example, the teachings of Feng Shui. But, if you look at the tips of magicians and those who study the flow of energy, it becomes obvious — their speeches more sense than might be evident initially. And only in the car, in which all fully functional, the drive

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