Fashionable spirituality: shopping for improving energy

Now the concept of shopping is associated not only with the purchase of the necessary things. This process is seen as being a way to relieve stress. But few people know: acquiring certain clothes, you can also improve your energy.
As well as its color influences your biofield. The impact can be negative, but can, on the contrary, be successful in many cases. Therefore, trying on the next model, it is necessary to pay attention not only of the fact whether it is suitable for your physical parameters, but also on the impact it can have on your life sphere.
As the color of the clothes can improve a person's energy
About the ability of colors and its impact on all of us, we know for a long time. However, when choosing clothes, many are not guided by this knowledge, missing an opportunity to turn the fitting and purchase blouses or dresses in an effective ritual. How does the color of things can affect our destiny?
Red shades in clothes help to activate the sexual energy. If you are in search of its second half, or want to refresh feelings with your partner, choose any article of clothing in shades of red. The most ideal option in this case is the underwear. That it awakens in you the necessary energy flows that attract the opposite sex.
Green Robe attracts material wealth. When you have an important job interview, a conversation with the boss or conclusion of the transaction, choose the clothes it is in this color scheme. And not necessarily the entire suit should be an emerald: it will be enough light scarf or the strap of the color to activate the energy of money.
Any kind of blue and blue colors have a positive effect on the nervous system and stress. Using these colors in your wardrobe, you will always be in harmony with yourself and be able to avoid a lot of conflicts and quarrels.
Golden color is versatile and able to attract abundance into your life and happiness. It is he who awakens the solar energy, which will attract to you only the best. This applies not only to situations and certain subjects: the right people, too, will appear suddenly and always on time.
On the improvement of energy affects not only the color but also style. The most striking example are the dresses and pants for women. It is believed that, putting on men's clothes, the fair sex overlapping channel the energy that comes from the earth, which ultimately negatively affects their femininity and personal life. With dresses and skirts vital flow is restored, which gives a smooth and sexy women.
Overlapping energy are also able to close things which bring some discomfort. The same goes for shoes. If you feel discomfort and model constrains your movements, from such things, it should be immediately abandoned, as the impact on certain points of your body can start negative processes in the body.
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