LOVE SPELLS using Voodoo magic

How to make love spell with voodoo magic spell that workVoodoo magic is a unique phenomenon, which is as esoteric tradition, and religion. Shamans Voodoo influence with the other powers, and perform rituals addressing the spirits, the Loa. To Loa call shamans in their magical rituals. You will be surprised to learn that Voodoo magic has much in common with the Russian black magic, where rituals with dolls practiced for many centuries. Love spells using voodoo magic require the creation of a doll/ the love Spell on Voodoo, as some Russian love, require the creation of dolls. Also apply things that belong to the object ( victim) or organic materials (hair, nails, and so on). Before you create a doll lover and commit love spell using voodoo magic spells, well think, because it is one of the most powerful and long lasting spell, and it remains valid until there is a doll. If you still believe in his intentions, and the possible consequences do not scare you, let's see how to bewitch a man by ritual

How to make a doll for Love spells using voodoo spells

Make a Voodoo doll of cloth from the worn welcome man, it also woven into the victim's hair, scraps of clothing, buttons. Doll for voodoo rituals can only be done with natural materials: wood (branches, or cutting from a solid piece); Liana or cotton fabric; genuine red, yellow or white clay. The easiest option of creating a doll is to make it from bread or clay. Inside (in the belly) plasticine figures placed the things I wrote above, and sealed inside the doll. The second option is to buy a rag doll in the store or order zaklinatel, asking him to create in the abdominal area of the doll something like a secret pocket or hat on the head, in which to put the material containing the object field spell. This doll can be reusable. After the ritual you can retrieve the material and clean it by putting it in salt for a day.
So the doll is cleaned of the residual field and can be used for rituals aimed at another person. It is important to know that the materials of the volt, does not matter, it is important to conduct the ceremony./ To conduct a love spell using voodoo needs a special callisphaena specially for rituals. The society has long formed a clear Association of Voodoo with the damage, trying to hook enemies to the grave, pain and so on, because of this we need so many broadcasts with screens in feature films. But it is not, using the rites of Voodoo magic you can effectively fall in love with a person. How to conduct a ritual, I always say that it is important to not only properly prepared, but also to choose the right time performing the rituals. The best time for the magic Voodoo ritual on the same night immediately after the new moon, or full moon. The ritual takes place in several stages.

The best time for a magic love spell using voodoo magic spells this full moon

First stage: preparation of the room and magic tools Remove the carpet in its place hostelite a piece of black silk fabric. With chalk, draw an equilateral triangle. Place in the corners of three black candles, light them. In the center attach the red candle. Sit in front of a triangle, take in the hand a dagger or a knife, or cut them Vicariate on his chest the name of the beloved volt on the back. Second phase: communication with the spirits Voodoo After preparing the room and charging volt you have to summon the spirit of the Loa Legba and Erzulie. Legba open the gates to the spirit world, and his need to honor, or access to the spirit world, the Loa will be closed to you forever. Say the spell:
Pas powa Legba Ation Met Bang Shimen Kambalda Daveman, Once Ludovico Okan PA powwa Mesaba Levonda Legba Legba Legba Legba, BVA Kai Legba Cafe Volo Valette FAM Tibon Legba PA powwa Vye, Vye, Vye Legba de Miss Awad Bova An non man Ian Voodoo, Unto ALADA Eket.
After the cast Legba need to thank, the gift may be rum, tobacco, coffee beans, cereals. Third step: encourage Ursula the Next stage of the ritual is a call Ursula:
AME colt, colto, met the colt of orin, Cite IU raped, paum of maid, SOMI LOI Suomi San amoeni, Hmean veins Bailey Cole doma.
Fourth step: work with the Voodoo doll, Put the doll in the centre of a magic triangle, take a needle, heat it over the flame of the red candle. Heated over the fire bring the needle to the doll, imagine its your favorite, and quick movement votsite the needle in the place where is heart is. Love spells using voodoo magic spells is finished, it begins to act immediately as soon as the needle is pierces into the puppet, but it is necessary to wait until the candle burns to the end. Love spell using voodoo spells if done correctly, it should not be repeated twice, and the items used during the ritual, it is better to get rid of, burying them in the woods or in the field, as far as possible away from home.
Do not apply to Voodoo, if you are not sure of the need for ritual, because it is a very strong spell. The effects of the spell in the first place depend on whether the performed ritual, in fact witch interacts with the entities that have consciousness. Many magicians who have a wealth of experience in conducting Voodoo rituals claim that Loa may not accurately perceive the guidance of a shaman, can change a human exposure or make adjustments to the wishes of conducting the ritual.
So before the start of preparations for the Love spells using voodoo magic you should decide what entity you are addressing, and specify their requests as accurately as possible, carefully avoiding platitudes. As each Loa has its own character, like any person, so you should be cautious while communicating with the deity, you must not allow disrespect. If rightly so, agree with Loa, the result of the ritual will exceed all expectations, but if not, you may have much to regret that you even got involved in it.
Before you begin to work with serious rituals you need to know how to remove the love spell of Voodoo and how to protect themselves from its effects. To remove the love spell, Voodoo is not easy, it is for life. This may be done by the priests, and finding them is extremely difficult. But don't lose hope, there is one way to do it yourself, you set your mind to, and whatever works!

How to perform the ritual love spells using voodoo magic

You will need a deep iron bowl, or paraffin wax for the manufacture of dolls-rival, photography women, preparative Your man, and three hair length less than 5 cm, access to a stove or fire. For starters, paraffin wax make a simple doll, she will embody rival. While you sculpt, clearly present all the details. Hair clip on head wax doll. If they are long, gather them into a bundle. Of photo cut out oval face rival and stick it to the doll. That's all, bolt your opponent is ready.
In a bowl pour cold water and let the doll float in the water. Then place a bowl on the fire and wait until the water begins to boil and the doll melts. While the wax doll melted, you should repeat aloud the mantra:
«Fire will melt the wax and destroy the love spell. So be it. Forgets (there's the name of your loved one) on my beloved (name of your opponent). Let the Four elements will lock the door and lose the key forever.»
To cast a spell should be 12 times in a row and wait for a doll will melt through. As soon as the last piece of wax melts, love spell will lose its power. Soon your guy will come back to you again and you will be happy!

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