Black Magic for Sport and Witchcraft magic spells in Sport

black magic for sport witchcraft spells voodoo for sportProbably in the world no more superstitious people than athletes. To achieve victory, they are ready to make the strange rituals, believe in signs, wearing amulets and «happy pants», follow horoscopes, visit psychics and trust the outcome of the game full-time shamans etc. etc.
Why, I do not know. I assume that this is due to the fact that the sport — the most risky area. Each individual athlete or team takes the field realizes that he has only two options: «hit or miss.» And since everyone wants to be among the first and the best, not the last and worst, in reaching the goal by any means, including black magic magic and witchcraft. Do not believe my words, or? Then let's look at the facts.

Black magic for Magic and Witchcraft spells  in Sports

Almost every self-respecting African football club have a «regular» shaman who conducts pre-game ritual of winning.
After one of the matches on chempiontae World Cup 2010 in South Africa in the media leaked the information that one of the meetings took place on the field is not quite fair, and local shamans slightly overdone.
An interesting case occurred once in Tanzania. It fought for the title «Young» and «Simba». Local Federation strictly warned opponents: play fair. However, both sides have disobeyed and turned to the staff of witches. They did their best, but the forces were equal — 0:0. The next day, the candidates for the title fined. Proof of their uncleanliness served photography. Imprinted on some representatives of the «Yangi» Buried in the night on the field of a charm on the other — the representatives of «Simba», producing a similar action at the exit of the enemy locker room. / Media on materials
Well, Africa, it is clear, after all the birthplace of Voodoo, it is strange that the rest of the world a passion for psychics and psychologists. In Italy, for example, the state of the team, «Formula 1», «Ferrari» in the guise of «advisers» and «psychology» is a whole brigade of Masters magic Affairs, which is responsible for guidance damage on the car rivals.
However, even well-known host of «Milan,» Berlusconi was seen in cahoots with the evil sorcerer, who called all the dark forces on the head of unfortunate opponents «Milan.»
Strong belief in otherworldly forces, and the CIS countries. Even in times of Allied famous athletes, which could bring up domestic Aesculapius, gave into the hands of quacks. At the beginning of XXI century, the famous magician Yuri Longo admitted that he had helped «locomotive» to become a champion. Exactly how the magician did not elaborate, citing ethical considerations and the secrets of his profession.
Generally, football and some soccer theme — a fun thing. Of course, the official website of the championships you will not see tearjerker series' Battle of psychics, «the most that you can see there is football online and the Premier League. But unofficial sources you can learn all about the shamanic dances with a tambourine in the stadium.

Black magic sport talisman

Perhaps no Athletes who would not wear at competitions Responsibility things „for good luck“: the happy pants, shirts, shoes, and other amulets.
For example, sumo wrestlers never erase mawashi (loincloths), and the players are happy shoes as long as they do not fall apart from old age. Some athletes are committed to win not to bathe or shave. I note that the beards, mustaches and other vegetation on the body, many athletes are generally considered sacred. Perhaps it came from the biblical Samson, who lost all his strength after Delilah night lop his „happy hair.“
Goalkeeper „Real“ and Spain Iker Casillas at the last training session before the match against Honduras appeared shaven. Spanish journalists believe that the player thought that the old image of failure brought his commands. Recall the victory for Spain Euro 2008, Casillas was playing without a beard. / For media materials
It should be noted that in a sports environment involved as quite peaceful rituals and outrageously weird. Present to you the top 5 most original rituals:
At the 5 th place Swedish tennis player Bjorn Borg, known as the Ice Man says that helps him win &let grow beard before the event and the „lucky“ shirt Fila
4th place is a three-time Wimbledon champion Serena Williams. Before going to court, it takes with slippers for the shower, in a certain way to tie shoelaces on sneakers and does not change throughout the game socks. In addition, she performs a ritual: the first gives the ball so that it bounced five times before the first pitch, and twice before the second. Withdraws all its failures that before the game, it is something I forgot to do.
At the 3rd place is one of the most superstitious players NBA — Jason Terry, who on the night before the game sleeping in shorts of the opposing team, be sure to eat breakfast of fried chicken and a game I have 5 pairs of socks.
2nd place is one of the best goalkeepers in the NHL, Patrick Roy, nicknamed „Saint Patrick“ for being ahead of the game in a special way on skates toured around the gate, and during the game often comes to their gate valves and thanks for rejecting the puck.
The biggest is the original Turk Wendell in mandatory ritual which includes: jumping on lined lines on the field, chewing licorice candy at the time of, and wearing an amulet made of the teeth of wild animals killed by them on the hunt. In 2000, in honor of the number „99“, he signed a contract worth $ 9,999,999, $ 99.

Divination and predictions for sport

A special place in the sport play divination, tarot reading and fortune-tellers used not only the athletes, but also the fans.
Athletes run to fortune-tellers and soothsayers are hoping to learn the outcome of the game on the position of the stars. In turn, the fans and the fans do not work against soothsayers and try to predict the results of football matches. Guessing can be mentally, but in this case, you are unlikely to prove their psychic abilities, it is easier to bet between bookmakers and you. Certainly, it is a risk: you can win, as your team, and you can „for the company“ to lose. But the risk, as they say a noble cause, so sports betting won huge popularity worldwide.
In the first place, are betting on football, but this is understandable — the favorite game of millions of people simply can not be reflected in the betting. In second place — betting on hockey, basketball, tennis, hockey and other team sports.
Of interest is the fact that most of the predictions in bookmakers try their hand a strong half of humanity — men. Perhaps this is due to the fact that home-grown wizards are more prone to the predictions of serious things, such as sports and home affairs and romance are more interested in witches. Although there are exceptions to the rule: men, witchcraft „in love“ and women, with pleasure and excitement to bet on a „brutal“ sport. But to dwell on the features of your betting predictions will not, if you're interested you are free to visit the site and learn  first-hand information.
In conclusion, this excursion into sports magic, I want to say, no matter whether you do bet on football, you wear a „good luck“ charms or talismans or make other strange things, do not forget that at the heart of your luck in sport or life, much play an increasingly important skills. A magic — just a small addition that helps to disclose or not disclose your full potential!
Finally, in the post-I just went through a little bit of magic rituals and superstitions in sports, so if you, as an athlete, or someone you know sports fans have their own „chips“ — share them in the comments. Maybe it is your ritual will help someone win!
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