Magick spells

Magic spells — this is usually the words uttered by a singsong ancient language. That magical energy through spells converted to what is needed, spells resemble writing programming languages. In this magical and ordinary words are not necessarily old. The difference between them is that the usual words of magical energy, so necessary to achieve the result, do not.
 Magic spells — classification:
1. According to the entry into effect spells — instantaneous and delayed action
 2. By the time of action — a permanent, temporary action. In general, the effect of magic spells depends on the amount spent in the spell of magical energy.
3. Magical influence on the project — the elements, inanimate objects and living beings.
4. According to the number of objects of magical influence — to a particular object or different objects within the established boundaries.
5. On the primacy of magic spells — primary or inverse.
6. By the nature of magic influences — to build spell-breaking spell.
Magic spells magic words
 Do not forget that spells — is, above all, the words and the language they are written or spoken — not really so important. Magic spells magic words in the ancient language — it is so ancient language that through such spells can even interact with the creatures that inhabit other worlds. But, in fact, these spells lost over time the ability to change the world. Basically, it is because the spells in ancient languages are no longer able to capture the essence and image of the ancient world. But the world is changing, as well as its image. Therefore, have to change themselves and magic spells.
Therefore, for the impact to be such spells, which will reflect the real state of the world and interact with it by force. And find the correct sequence of words and saying them in the rhythm of real life, you can control the world.
Use their own language when creating magic gives you a guarantee of full awareness of all the values of a particular word. The same can be said about the intuitive understanding of the shades of meaning imparted by the phonetic and syntactic means. But when using a foreign language spell will be less aware, and if you have doubts about its meaning, then this spell is better not to use it. In general, use of spells in a foreign language involves more responsibility and the availability of linguistic intuition. This is a gut feel will help you to create a chain of associations similar arisen creator magic spell.
 Nor can we underestimate the impact spell metalanguage — a strange mix of sound magician will concentrate more on the image and energy flow. This then is the main component of the whole magic. What's more — these spells a mage can easily enter into a trance the listener, thus increasing the impact on him.

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