Prayer to attract happiness

 Our heavenly patrons do not leave us in difficult times. Converts to the Holy sincere prayer can change even the most difficult situation. And in light of religious holidays of their power is truly impressive.
Christmas, Epiphany, Easter — all these solemn events are traditionally accompanied by prayers and services in the temples. In those days, power light is much stronger, so be sure to request for help will be heard in heaven. Just remember: it is necessary to ask sincerely, with all my heart believing in God and having no bad thoughts.
Prayer for happiness
Universal prayer of attracting good luck and happiness is addressed to the Mother of God, because that is what it is our defender, intercessor before God and helper in many cases. Read it to be at dawn or just after waking up.
Holy Virgin, Mother of God, glory and blessing be now and forever. I sought thy mercy in this hour, for I trust in you, stepping on your way. Lighten his sunbeam, please grant well-being, I will praise thy name, and our Lord, accompanying your gift every good deed, committed not out of greed and secret servility. You requested the remission of sins and be forgiven. Amen.
These words are capable of awakening to set you on the desired way.
To enhance the prayer, do not forget to buy church candles. Their light has a special power, which protects against the evil house. A well-being in the home half of the walls gives success. Candles, incense, aromatic oils and other such things from the mundane attributes become part of the church, the spiritual charged, positive energy.
It is also necessary to say that the above text is a prayer you can use to refer to his patron, for example, a guardian angel, appropriately slightly reworded.
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