Protect your computer with the help of magic

Star symbol — one of the most powerful symbols of protection, and not by chance that this character is present in many state flags, emblems, awards, etc. In the center of the mandala Algiz rune — the strongest sign of protection, which greatly increases the level of protective properties, as well as the red color of the picture. It's no secret that we interact with all the things that surround us, and they, in turn, affect our health and life.

Currently, the computer is probably in every home, but sometimes we are not even aware of the danger that lies in working with him.

Computer — this is a complex information system, the use of which requires special care, especially when using the Internet. In this case, it turns into a real «door» that opens to other physical, virtual and subtle space. This is particularly true of sites saturated with pornography or violent videos, bloody scenes, violence, etc. Such sites can contain a variety of entities from the subtle planes, which can easily penetrate into the house. That's why, working on the Internet, it should be not only careful and use protection that absorbs and repels those entities, not forgetting that the first rule of safety when using the Internet is prevention, that is, limited contacts with similar sites and creation of a protective environment in and around the computer.

Establish internal computing environment may be due to the activation of positive energy. In this case, the maximum protective effect have sacred images, not just stored in the computer's memory, but also appearing on the screen, moving on it, allowing thus intensifying flows conducive and clean energy. Therefore, the easiest way to activate this program is to use screen savers with a collection of sacred images (the same sacred image of continuous use may gradually dwindle and reduces its effectiveness.) During operation of the programs the computer turns into a generator and activator flow of positive energy, can significantly improve not only the internal computing environment, but also the environment.

Strengthen the protective environment around the computer may be, is situated near the monitor and the system unit protective mandala, amulets, the branches of conifers, crystal absorbers.

The most effective is to place a protective mandala, you can paint yourself.
For an example, see Figure mandala «Star». Look carefully at the picture and create, and then draw their own, using their own ideas and imagination, and you know of symbols and signs of protection.
When finished painting, drawing mandalas place near the monitor, and that it is located near the computer while it is running, or close the mandala pattern protective monitor screen after using the computer. Well even further clear his workplace incense.

To avert the danger, it is enough simply to project a visual star symbol on computer screen or do it by hand.

To do this, pull the right hand so that the distance between the monitor and your palm is 10-15 cm Keep the palm of the left bottom corner to the middle of the upper horizontal computer screen, then to the bottom right corner. Further — to the middle of the left vertical line through the center of the middle of the right vertical and back to the bottom left corner, where you started the movement. So that should be taken three times.

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