Voodoo Doll: Secrets manufacturing

how to make voodoo doll You do not know the exact spell, if only because that single, universally accepted text simply does not exist, there is no single canon and voodoo ceremonies. The rituals have long been carried out not only on the specially created altars, and the voodoo dolls are made of any desired material. The main thing — to be able to transfer energy doll the person on whom the ritual is performed, and to comply with the symbolism of colors, adopted in voodoo

To create a classic voodoo doll you will need

2 sticks;
strap or rope;
pieces of tissue;
2 buttons or beads;
needle and thread;
hair, nails or clothing of a person over whom the ritual is performed;
Spanish moss.

As we see, including the necessary materials there is nothing unusual. Problems can arise only when searching for the last element. In the vicinity of New Orleans' Spanish moss (tillandsiya usneevidnaya) — a plant that resembles a real moss — circulated very widely. At home, naturally, can be replaced by other fillers (from straw to conventional cotton), the main thing — not the material of construction of the doll, and energy, which it is embedded.
And before you start making dolls, a few parting words:

Unfamiliar people or people you do not trust, do not need to see the process of making voodoo dolls or the commission of the rite. It is best if you do own a doll, and secretly.
Do not forget about the observance of the lunar phases (moon rising — for «attractive» rituals, decreasing — for «banishing»)
Avoid words curse or negative thoughts during the making of puppets — that you run the risk of a bad fill it with energy.
And last, a more prosaic advice: if you use Spanish moss or plants, its replacement — inspect your working material. Thoroughly clean the dirt, small insects and parasites.

Step by step instructions for making voodoo dolls

1. Make a cross of two sticks and tie them to a cord. If the string wax, fixed to be stronger.

2. Wrap the Spanish moss produced a cross from the mid and later moving to the head, both arms, then back to the middle and at the feet of future dolls. If possible, use large pieces of moss, avoiding gaps. Ideally, if we can wrap the whole doll one solid piece. If you do not go, wrap the moss on top of the thread or rope, firmly tighten it.
3. Cut the fabric on the long, narrow pieces of the body and cover their dolls. Wrapping should be so that the top of the head and the tip of the arms and legs remained open.

4. Tie the thread or glue strips of tissue to the body. You can simultaneously use the glue, thread, pulling tightly scraps to Spanish moss kept under tighter.
5. Make a doll face. Eyes can be made from buttons and beads, her mouth — just stitch thread.
6. The next step is sometimes missing, but in fact it is one of the most important. Since voodoo doll — a way of a specific person, it must have in its appearance at least some features reminiscent of his appearance. If possible, stick to the doll's head tuft of hair of the man. You can use scraps of clothing, which he often wore, smear them with a doll in his blood, etc.
7. The body of the doll is ready. Now we can sanctify it and give a name. That's it: your doll is ready for the ritual
Voodoo doll or puppet kind of victim, is considered one of the most powerful objects in magic, when you want to influence people at a distance. But often this doll is not «workable.»
Using the similarity in the magic of puppetry can be inefficient due to the fact that some «master» using so-called «wet» doll. Nature of the error in the fact that after making the doll, she must undergo the ritual of naming.

To do this, there are 2 ways.

A. The use of holy water collected in the temple. Ablution and naming (a type of puppet is used for good purposes).
B. The use of holy water from the melted snow water taken from the grave. This water has a strong negative energy, therefore, after naming the doll used in malicious purposes.

Voodoo doll for black magic spells use make fastThe ceremony of naming the voodoo doll

Prepare the altar with three candles. In the center of the altar lay a doll and wash it with a brush, starting from the head.
Word for ablution:
«Give you a slave (oh) God (name). From now until the age to be you (name).»

To increase the effect within the first three days of a doll or a scolding name (depending on the ritual purpose of manufacture), calling by name, talk to her.

Type of material voodoo doll

It is believed that the doll should look like the victim or the object of magic, but it is not necessary if the doll to put biological particles of the desired object — hair, nails, etc.
Thus, the coupling increases as the material.

By type of voodoo doll making are

— Rag, wool and wire;
— Clay and wood;
— Plasticine and dough;
— With the addition of wax and animal fat;
— From vegetables;
— Snow and ice;
— From the skin, bones and organs of animals;
— Dolls with photos.
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