What is Voodoo

Voodoo is a peculiar system of religious beliefs, based on the current mix of Catholicism and African cults and also includes magic and witchcraft. Voodoo is most common in the Caribbean and South America, and on about. Haiti, it is the state religion.
This system of religious beliefs originated in the days when the West African descended mass export of black slaves to be sold into slavery and hard labor on the plantations. Slaves forcibly baptized in the Catholic faith, their own religion banned on pain of death, and intricately intertwined pagan voodoo and Catholic beliefs.

In Voodoo everyone is bound together with the nature and the supernatural, that is, with «supernatural» powers. The people of Haiti, there is a saying: «A Catholic goes to church to talk about God; vuduist dances in the courtyard of the temple to become a god,» that is to achieve a state of «obsession», which is the practical purpose of the various voodoo rituals.

Man in the Wood is considered as a set of overlapping bodies of which are available for ordinary perception only physical. Another body is a kind of energy duplicate of the physical body, through which it operates (the «spirit of the flesh»). Since the duplicate is not an individual, then the death is gradually coming out of the body for up to 18 months.

What we used to call the soul, according to Voodoo view consists of two components, one of which — the «little good angel» and the other — «big good angel.» «Greater good angel», as «the spirit of the flesh» — the phenomenon of pure energy order, only more subtle, and after the death of a man at once returned to the infinite reservoir of energy that fuels all life. But the «little good angel» is an individualized part of the soul — the source of the personal characteristics of the person. It can be separated from the body and return to it (for example, in a dream or in a state of «possession», when it temporarily replaces the loa — foreign spirits). That «little good angel» acts as a magical object manipulation, and for magical protection wizard can even temporarily put it in Canary Islands — a special clay pot, from which the «little good angel» continues to animate leaving.

Finally, the last spiritual component remains in the sky and is not associated with the physical body, and to his fate. The most complete, you can express the Indian concept of «karma.»

The world, according to Wood, pervade countless loa — foreign spirits that unites with pure voodoo shaman worldview. One of the main voodoo rituals — worship Damballa Wedo, the serpent that swallows its own tail that symbolizes the harmony of the universe and eternity. The serpent is a key element in the mysteries of voodoo, it is — the beginning and end of all, he — this ocean of eternity, which surrounds the material world on every side of him all over and it all comes back.

Such, in general terms, the main aspects of the light side vuduizma. But there is a dark side of it, which attracts to itself, tends to be much more attention. And this is connected with the mysterious, powerful and sinister forces of voodoo sorcerers, which firmly believed by all the adherents of the cult. Man, stick civilized humanistic views, the dark side of voodoo and related forces of evil can only inspire terror. Black magic in vuduizme exists, but is not encouraged, it is mainly engaged in Bokor — priests who were previously high priests (or mambo unganami), but for various reasons have lost power and were rejected. For their nefarious deeds Bokor, in the end, will be punished, but in reality they can hold at bay the whole population.

Bokor usually are members of secret societies, the activities of which are fully classified. In general, black magic in Voodoo can only deal with the high priests, one of whom was the governor of the island of Haiti, «Duvalier Papa» is terrifying to his subjects. However, before it was not only the forces of black magic, but also the very real power of the secret police — the Tonton Macoutes.

One of the most famous and at the same time mysterious expressions of black magic voodoo is a zombie, which means turning people into zombies — controlled biological robot that does not have their own will and completely subordinate to the will of the owner. At the heart of the process of making a zombie is apparent death of the person, and then his subsequent resurrection, but as a machine, devoid of soul and consciousness. Arsenal of voodoo concept of «zombie» and «zombie» entered our conceptual system and especially widely exploited in film and literature, relies on human attraction to all the mysterious.

However, it later became clear that the basis of the mysterious magical ritual are completely natural phenomenon: the priest prepares a special brew of some African plants and zhabih glands that blocked parts of the brain responsible for vital functions (breathing, blood circulation, heart). A man fell into a state that looks like a death, but after a while as it came to life, not bearing in mind his past life and himself. Although scientists have found all the ingredients zombie potion, they failed to reproduce in the laboratory the process zombies.

In addition to the zombies, voodoo black magicians are able to also create yourself or others doubles, copy, «prints», which can alternately relocate soul. The rest are duplicates with the will of the owner, but found him not among twins.

All of these amazing abilities voodoo black magic of extreme intelligence interest of some countries, especially the United States and the Soviet Union, in terms of possible biological weapons. However, in the secret laboratories, fortunately, have not been successful, and mysterious rituals of black magic voodoo remain primarily a source of inspiration for the authors of the «horror».

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