Cat amulet

A cat is considered sacred to many people, a symbol of clairvoyance, beauty, cunning and ability to reincarnate. Cats have always symbolized the intuition, grace, independence and strength, and the cat is able to bring good luck talisman.

Cat doing good in ancient Egypt, believing in their supernatural power. Here, even the revered goddess Bast, depicted as a woman with the head of cats. And the cat, as the Egyptians believed, like a cat mascot, can bring only good. Egyptian priests believed that cats represent the forces of nature, and the goddess Bast often helped the sun god Ra, taking his head snake.

Much later, in Rome and Greece, cats associated with Artemis and Diana, as in ancient Rome, the cat acted as an emblem of freedom. Respected cats and Scandinavians, and even a cart harnessed Freya is cats.

Quite different was the Celts, who believed that cats — messenger of evil forces, so these lovely animals are often sacrificed.

Treated well to the cats in India, as the embodiment of the beauty of animals, but here are Buddhists cats did not like, except that cats, like a snake, do not mourn the death of the Buddha.

Muslims believe that the cats appeared from sneezing lion in Noah's ark. Saved the cat and the snake Mohammed. And when the Prophet stroked the cat's back, he acquired his ability to fall on their feet. But according to another legend, the dark stripes on cat skins, and there is a trace of the fingers of the Prophet.

In England, the cat mascot symbolized since ancient time lucky. And oddly enough, bring good luck and a cat ran across the road.

Mascots in the form of white cats are able to help people whose lives consist of risky activities, or people associated with physical activity. Ginger cats are considered excellent support for sick people — if a patient after surgery or during serious illness will support ginger cat, he quickly recovered.

If you have a quarrelsome and conflictual, and you need to smooth things over, then you as a mascot is perfect gray cat. But the desire to do all of bronze cats, especially if you are dreaming of love and warm relations.

Silver cats help attract good luck. And if you lack of fortune, be sure to buy a silver talisman or ornament in the form of a cat.

Golden cats give its owner aristocratic manners and turn it into a refined and exalted man. And so those who are too modest, perfectly suited golden cat in the form of ornaments.

Or maybe you need protection from the black magic of the evil eye? Then order the amulet in the form of the Egyptian cat, and you will not overcome any negative impact.

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