Indian Talismans. How to use and make Indian amulets

The culture of this country, so bright and beautiful at first, first of all, was formed on the basis of religion, and to this day, religion is very important for the people of India. Clear caste division is so strong that even walking on the same path of representatives of various castes was forbidden and punishable by death, it left a mark on Indian magic, and the existing Indian amulet (talisman), above all, bear the imprint of the old society. Achieved in the Old World democracy is still new in India, which are not used, and not always accepted.

Indian amulet (talisman) are meant to protect people from violation of the relevant rules of caste, and only then, if the owner mascot righteous, they will help him, preserve, protect, fill power and the necessary energy. In addition, do not allow the movement of talismans, amulets, charms different from one layer to another caste. Subordinate caste could not use the amulet «upper» caste threatened charges of theft, and violation of this rule, a representative of the «upper» caste cast down the last, without the possibility to rise again. That discrepancy between our societies devices requires special attention to the use of Indian talisman.

Indian amulet. indian talisman

It is India introduced the world to stray yogis, fakirs, able to swallow fire and cold steel, and even conjure up poisonous snakes. But most importantly, it is in India, the birthplace of the doctrine of the subtle energy entities, which can control the enlightened man, achieved the nirvana of self-improvement through internal and stoicism. And, of course, a book about the art of love and harmony that must exist in a marriage, and what to do to spouses to achieve this same harmony. Also, in India, has been developed consistent theory of karma and reincarnation.

 Thus, the part of Indian talisman (amulet) aims to facilitate the karma of a person. Unleash karmic knots, that is, get rid of the negative consequences of actions in the next life, which, in turn, opens the door to the possibility of enlightenment. Typically, these charms are recorded on paper or cloth mantra, that is, hymns which must pronounce. In this case, is set to the color of the material and color of the ink, the endorsement.

 The next group of Indian talisman (amulet) — it figures of various animals, which give the owner the mascot certain properties inherent in animal prints. And if the mantra should carry with them, figures usually are at home, in a location that corresponds to a given animal, the tiger, elephant, horse, etc.

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