Crystal jewelry amulet

crystal jewelry amuletJewelry talisman (amulet)
In Feng Shui, so to gain popularity in the modern world, there is a talisman jewelry — jewelry crystals. Jewelry Crystals in Feng Shui are used, as well as the music of the wind, to enhance positive energy and negative dispersion.

But to act intensified crystal jewelry, you must first clear it of previous energy. For this crystal is placed for a week in salt water. After the crystal clear of unknown energy, you must charge its own. Hold it in your hand, put it to the heart chakra located between the eyebrows or the third eye. It is desirable that at this time you had a good mood. And do not forget to make your wish!

Jewelry talisman (amulet)

 Jewelry talisman (amulet)& in the form of a crystal in Feng Shui can be any shape — from a crystal ball or a pyramid and ending paired with crystal balls. All the most popular and have been used chandeliers or lamps, which improve circulation of positive energy at home and activate it.

Ideally, this rock crystal, which in ancient times, and is credited with magical healing properties. It is believed that the talismans in the form of rock crystal bring health and longevity, protect from negative energy, prevent infertility, increase energy and improve memory. But here is to find the correct form crystal is practically impossible, and it is a pleasure rather expensive. So it is often used as talismans made of special glass crystals and lenses. Pieces of glass, polished mechanically, as accurately convey the structure of the crystal.

The best of crystal products, seen their ability to scatter and refract light, recognized Bohemian crystal and Swarovski crystal. The composition of the latter even includes silver, which, in terms of Feng Shui creates the best conditions for cleaning the premises of negative energy.

Crystal is set so that the light fell on him, and in good light it can even be rotated, illuminating all around. The rays of light refracted through a crystal, give rise sunbeams and colorful rainbow. And it is a sign of positive energy and good luck in the house.

 It is best if you hang the talisman (amulet) &of Feng Shui Crystals in the center top of the window opening. Then on a sunny day, the crystal will fill the room with energy and light.

Only now, note that the chandelier made of crystal, is not available at places where you rest. The fact is that it will create active energy flow, leading to unnecessary anxiety.

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