7 tips for those who don’t want to become a victim of frauds selling supposedly magic items in their online occult shops

real occult shop onlineI’ve written a lot of articles about how dangerous it may be to buy magic items, talismans and amulets of doubtful quality. Today I want to tell you how not to become a victim of frauds who instead of esoteric artifacts sell useless junk in their occult magic shops. Below are seven steps you need to take before purchasing anything, which will ensure that you don’t waste your money on junk.
1. To begin with, pay your attention to how many magic items the seller is ready to sell. If the seller of some Occult shop has just one magic item of each kind, probably it’s real. If you’re offered dozens or hundreds of identical items, they’re all fake and have no magic properties whatsoever.
2. Pay your attention if the seller of an online occult shop provides consultation or not. Experienced spellcasters always tell their customers about their products, because they know they bear personal responsibility for each of them before Higher Powers and god, and misuse of magic artifacts may be very dangerous. As for fraudulent occult shops, they know their goods have no magic properties and just don’t want to waste their time consulting their customers on what doesn’t even exist.
3. Avoid purchasing magic items if there’s no information on the egregore guarding them. As you know, religious egregores are merciless when it comes to punishing strangers who dare to ask them for help. The same is true for the egregores guarding magic teachings. For example, they may punish mean people using white magic items or good people using black magic artifacts. Frauds don’t know about it. That’s why they usually fail to indicate the egregores guarding each of the magic items offered.
4. Be careful if the seller doesn’t specify the kind of magic each of their goods belongs to. Such “forgetfulness” indicates the seller’s dilettantism. Each real spellcaster, even a beginning one, knows that there’s no such thing as neutral magic. And that even a seemingly safe artifact has its charge, “positive” or “negative.”
5. You should be alerted if the seller refuses to customize his items. Any experienced spellcaster usually customizes his magic items because he knows it’ll make them far more effective. Frauds don’t do that. Even if they do, they don’t ask you for a picture and don’t meet you in person. Without it, customization is impossible.
6. Low price should always scare you away if you don’t want to buy a counterfeit product. The lower the price of an item is, the fewer magic properties it has. However, it’s not that simple. Sometimes frauds raise their prices deliberately. They offer useless junk for $850-3,000 to make their customers believe it’s real!
7. Pay your attention to the way a magic item looks. Remember, magic artifacts usually never combine symbols from different religions or magic teachings, like, for example, “Muslim-Christian amulets” which are very popular today and can be found in many occult shops, or “Druidical-Buddhist amulets” sold by some online occult shops. They all are fake and belong in the trash. In conclusion, I’d like to give a piece of advice to those who order magic or esoteric items on eBay. NEVER DO THAT!
There are several reasons for that: Firstly, you never know the history of this magic item. What if it’s been used in a black magic ritual? Becoming its owner, you may have to pay for it with your health, karma, or life! Secondly, such items may be used by sorcerers to shift their energy and karmic problems onto – illnesses, insanity, possession, curses, etc. Thirdly, you will likely buy a counterfeit product on eBay rather than at an occult shop. People usually don’t open a store for one day, while frauds may change their eBay account after each successfully sold item. I’m sure now, having read this article, you will never let anyone cheat you
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