Amulet against disease

Since ancient times, people have tried to protect themselves from disease, various misfortunes and troubles with charms. And of course, one of the most popular at that time was considered a talisman against disease. Some charms charms produced mages and priests, others were natural. And some of the wards effectively distinguished themselves in traditionally natural stones.
 From spasms in the intestines, insomnia, and poisoning was considered an excellent means of coral. Already, scientists have found that the corals are a positive influence on our body hormones. In addition, coral — not only an excellent guardian of the disease, but also from evil spells and charms.
For nervous diseases can help amethyst. Even in the Greek name of the stone means freedom from intoxication. And in fact — it is believed that amethyst perfectly protects against alcoholism, headaches and skin problems. Popular as amethyst stone, curbs passion, and the priests. It perfectly relieves stress, strengthens the nervous system and the endocrine system, purifies the blood and improves blood circulation.
 Do you love sea travel, but at the same time prone to motion sickness? Great talisman for you will aquamarine.
 As a hypnotic effect lapis lazuli. This stone helps to change the lives, strengthen friendship and brings happiness in romantic relationships. And if you wear on your arm lapis lazuli, it will improve blood circulation and enhance sleep. Lapis — beautiful ward of diseases of the thyroid gland, which increases the physical strength and increases the chances of pregnancy. Fit it and asthmatics.
Melancholic fit emerald. It helps and inflammation and fever, liver disease and diabetes, skin disorders and epilepsy. When insomnia simply look at the emerald, and deep sleep is guaranteed.
Remove the heat helps pearls. He treats inflammation, acute hepatitis, and the ancient Chinese believed that pearls increases sexual energy and treats ear disease. Stone and gives the gift of foresight, thus guarding against the evil eye.
 Against apathy is a traditional remedy for the moonstone. In addition, it brings happiness and is popular among lovers, evoking tender feelings. Unique power stone takes on the full moon, and then it gives people a sense of illumination and dreamy softness, removes anger and relieves stress. Moonstone and helps with depression, hormonal disorders, renal colic and epilepsy.
 In diseases of the teeth and throat doctors advised medieval agate. In addition, a great talisman for sight, it saves the body from dehydration and skin diseases. Agate, and is useful for the speakers — it require the ability to give eloquence and charm.

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