Amulet against trouble

amulet against troubleOur ancestors Slavs worshiped the forces of nature. Their talisman against trouble, for good luck, disease is an entire science related largely to pagan deities. Oberezhnye characters seen everywhere — from everyday objects depicted in the characters, and ending with accessories and clothing. Especially famous Slavic amulets against troubles — embroidery. Now we tend to see in this simple folk embroidery patterns, but in reality it is not so. Any of the embroidered pattern carried the information sent to help in certain tasks. Decorated with embroidery, even bed and table linen, and the value and location were the pattern, and pattern and color, and even the process of embroidering.
Amulet against trouble in the form of embroidery demanded strict observance of rituals, even during training. For example, on the back side in any case should not be nodes, which are believed to ward denied power. It was impossible to embroider guardian and for himself, but for others — only from the heart, if desired. The most powerful force had trouble against amulets made blood relatives or a spouse, provided a harmonious relationship in the family. The material for the talisman had selected so that he would come to her future owner. During manufacture, a talisman needed to present the image of the person for whom the guardian is.
At first glance, many of oberezhnyh patterns look the same. Especially similar to each other such charms as ladinets, flower and fern kolyadnik. Ignorant people with their kind could easily mistake them for the same character. But in fact, if you look closely — the direction of the rays of the pattern is different.
The value of the main characters in the Slavic Obereg against trouble:
Kolyadnik — update and change for the better, the triumph of good, the power of victory over the enemy.
Molvinets — guardian of trouble, evil words, corruption and damnation.
Kolovrat — a symbol of the rising sun, the eternal victory of Light.
Fern flower — purity of spirit, healing power, the fulfillment of desires.
 Overcoming-grass — the guardian of illnesses, cleansing and purifying fire illness flesh and soul.
Solard — wealth and prosperity of the family. Often used in wedding symbolism.
Bunny — a solar sign upgrade. It was believed that wore a belt with a picture of the symbol woman will give birth to only boys.
 Velesovik — defense away from home a loved one.
 Yarovikov — preservation of the harvest, protection from mortality in livestock.
 Symbol Races — protection of earthly wisdom, protection of the people from their enemies.
 Slavets — the symbol for women, gives them health and healthy offspring.
Luminary — transformation, revealing the meaning of life.

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