Amulets against enemies

Witch from ancient times tried to resort to the four elements of nature. The fire gave his forces as a means against the enemies, water cure diseases, the air has been associated with the spirits, and the earth gave protection and harvest. Therefore, amulets against enemies and other problems of trying to produce earth elements — metals and stones.
Generally, the first value, which is famous amulets talismans — a protection against deliberate magical effects like damage, curse or evil eye. In some countries, amulets are primarily designed to protect against witches casting evil spirits, amulets and meaning there is very high.
There are amulets that protect against specific misfortunes — accidents or fires, animals or snakes, and some can only be configured to protect against weapons or only from the robbery. But it is at the same time as talismans against enemies manageable by experienced magicians.
There is another scope wards — to attract good luck and protection against various diseases. Often, these amulets are made depending on the sign of the zodiac, lunar phases, and many other conditions. It is believed that some of the minerals and rocks even have an impact on volitional qualities — courage and determination, leadership, intelligence, and memory. But that charms enemies really be useful, a must believe in them. The fact that the existing wards are subject to certain rituals, charging them with energy, but over time, this energy is diminished, and if the guardian does not feed your faith, it just loses its force.
There are natural materials that have certain properties on their own — for example, gold can perfectly protect against energy attacks, Amber helps with the problems with the thyroid gland. However, these properties can be strengthened and with special magical techniques.
Are very popular as talismans and amulets and rings with chains. The fact that the circle itself is the ideal form of magic, closing our energy and does not allow the energy attack. Well, about the charms of Feng Shui, they know now, probably all. Only now getting such amulets, keep in mind that while it is necessary to adhere to the doctrine and traditions. Otherwise, they will not be effective. The basic principles of Feng Shui — the desire for harmony, and their mascots did not want to use for personal gain and to transfer to other people.
The ideal option is acquiring existing talisman is when he made a real witch. Only in this way you can ensure that charm, talisman or amulet will do you good and bring you Good luck, health and protection ...

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