Ancient talismans and ancient amulets

&Even now, you can see on the neck strap, which is enshrined animal canine, or the star of David, or a pentagram or the ankh. Not to mention the rings and earrings, without which most of them simply do not go out of the house, but someone did not remove. And all this is ancient talismans with its own purpose, its own hidden meaning, which, after so many years, as if forgotten, and in fact, is so merged into the culture, the way of life, to a life that is perceived as an integral part of them. Not only that, some of the ancient talismans to its original meaning adding new, modern.& & Of course, sometimes there is a reasonable question, and knows a young person, or, say, the girl that was depicted in her sling or a pendant. What meaning the Egyptians, the Druids or the Indians in all these &disclosed in the palm of his eyes and the stars Ertsgammy. The hidden meaning is often elusive, there is only the knowledge of what to have for yourself or that amulets and talismans — well. Perhaps this could be handled with a smile, if all of these images do not have such a strong, meaningful and magical load, without which, the mascot is just a decoration, and sometimes can bring real harm.Ancient talismans& & One of the oldest amulets, it bundles. One or more, really tied the cord or only images depended on the duration of action and the hidden meaning of the mascot. Had its own charms and nodules on ancient, often they are used for medical purposes. As soon appear coins, they became a symbol of wealth and one of the most powerful amulets. Of them made pendants, bracelets, necklaces and so on, the sound of coins chase away evil spirits and evil spirits.& & Chimes and bells, metal and clay, a variety of voices to this category include children's rattles — their task — to break up with their noise evil spirits.& & Then found a link between certain elements and precious stones. They quickly became part of the various charms, pendants, earrings, rings, and only then, are jewelry. Over time, talismans became more complicated, and with it increased their power and duration. There are special procedures in their manufacturing, and most mascots have a clear, definite purpose.& & Specialists who study aicient amuletss, noted that there is a difference between the Western and Eastern talismans. Last are always more complex and do not exist by themselves, they are always part of the total, a large study of the human right path.

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