Aquarius stone talisman

According to astrologers, Aquarius differ gentleness innate kindness and generosity. Thus they attract the heart, bravely endure the vicissitudes of life, faithful and friendly. And if you — Aquarius stone talisman for you — garnet and zircon. Garnet exists in nature in several varieties, differing in color — from yellow to dark red. Since ancient times the pomegranate has been a symbol of feelings, friendship and love. Most often exchanged love pomegranate and garnet rings are presented in memory, friendship and gratitude. Were particularly fashionable jewelry with garnet during Romanticism, when symbolism enjoyed tremendous value. Of small pebbles made brooches, rings and pendants in the shape of flowers, united hearts, anchors and podkovok. In ancient times, the same on the surface of large garnets carved images of gods, rulers of profiles and portraits of loved ones. And people from eastern countries appreciated grenades for healing properties. It was believed that the stone perfectly reduces temperature and cures the common cold.
 Zircon — is transparent is a rare gem. Zircon improves mental ability, arouse passion for the sciences. It strengthens memory and increases intelligence. Very popular with travelers and zircon, scaring off wild animals and protecting the poisonous snakes.
Aquarius stone talisman
Approach, if you Aquarius stone talisman and lapis lazuli, quartz, amethyst, amber, citrine and rock crystal. What, then, are the properties of the stones have a suitable Aquarius?
Quartz has a powerful energy potential, and those with an amulet made of amethyst quartz, has the gift of foresight. To protect themselves from trouble, Aquarians need to buy Hawkeye is a variation of quartz. He sharpen intuition, save from gullibility and recklessness.
 Citrine — a stone of peace and wisdom. If you are depressed, put on as a mascot jewelry with yellow citrine. It will absorb all the accumulated negativity and bring good luck to you.
Nacre help Aquarius to understand and feel your partner will help you choose the correct behavior in private life. He will bring to the house of material abundance, paint the life of Aquarius bright events and attract good luck.
Amethyst helps its owner to control your thoughts and gives insight. Oh and in solving the most complicated situations it is simply irreplaceable.
Chrysoprase is considered a talisman of friendship and good luck. It helps to overcome on the way all obstacles and find like-minded people.
But what is the stones should avoid? This ruby, sardonyx and yellow topaz.

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