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 arabian talisman arabian amuletsArabs in the history of its existence were talismans and amulets. Arabian talismans or amulets protect their bodies, homes and livestock from attack by evil spirits and protect oneself from the evil eye. In the pre-Christian era amulets Arabs made of stone, bone or wood, and do not contain any inscriptions. In the first six centuries AD the Arabs followed their ancestors, and also enjoyed the charms, but it has become associated with their views, taken from the Egyptian and Hebrew texts.

Modern Arabian talisman and amulet

 Modern simplest Arabic talisman or amulet are pieces of paper with a brief prayer, mantra or verses from the Koran. The inscription on the talisman is extremely holy man, black ink on the material selected for display. Some Arabs prefer English or French inscription in ink, deeply dug into the paper, as opposed to black local production. Arabs believe that inscribed paper begins to have miraculous properties written text. Flyer magical inscription fold and put in its case, worn around the neck or on the wrist.

Arabs are more affluent segments of the population often require magical texts were written on gazelle skin, and preferring to hide the unborn animal. This amulet is stored in a metal, usually silver, tube.

There were texts on the lead sheet, but such amulets Arabs still quite rare.

Inscriptions on amulets very important role played by a combination of the alphabet. The ancient magicians placed them in the different order. One sign with ascribed symbolic meaning and certain values, while the value of other signs remained incomprehensible to the human mind. And as one sign Arabs attributed more importance than others. And the knowledge of how to apply the letters in charms, is a whole separate branch of the magical sphere. And even the sign in the singular could turn into a pattern by which formed a very effective amulet.

Other than paper, are popular among the Arabs and amulets made of stone, usually agate with white streaks or Indian translucent gray agate.

Stones for talismans are truncated to the desired shape, carefully polished, and then make it the inscription. There was even found a special way of applying labels to the amulets. Produced by the thin layer of wax stone so that it is covered all over, with no air bubbles. Then the stone, covered with wax so, handed calligrapher, who with a pointed tool charted talisman text, trying to make tools is not just wax, and stone.

After that, the stone is processed pairs of hydrochloric acid. It corrodes stone in areas in which the text was inscribed, and the stone cleaned of wax.
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