Beetle mascot. Beetle talisman (amulet)

Beetle talisman (amulet). In ancient Egypt, for one of the most revered symbols of magic is scarab beetle. His images are everywhere, and even in the Egyptian temples installed huge sculptures beetle. Beetle talisman (amulet) &was intended to protect the owners from snakebite and evil forces. Accompanied the Egyptian scarab and the afterlife — according to legend, a ceramic heart scarab depicting helped resurrect the dead to the afterlife.
The ancient Egyptians believed that the beetle repeats the way of the sun. Scarab symbolized one of the ancient gods of Egypt — God Khepri associated with the mysteries of the sun. And if god Ra personified daytime sun, Atum — the secret night, the Khepri embodied the morning sun. Even the image of the deity was not without mystery bug — his head crowned head of a scarab.

Scarab symbolized and testing of the human soul. Soon, the Beetle was used as a talisman of great character and strongest mascot, accompanying the Egyptians not only in life but in death. Egyptians firmly believed that the dead body contains the germ of a new life in the form of a glowing immortal soul. The soul, after death of the physical body is resurrected in a different world, and continues to exist in heaven. And so the character has always been a symbol of the scarab energy derived soul to heavenly flight. It symbolized the heart and strength of a person must awaken to a rebirth, death and resurrection. With the scarab man wins any momentum, pulling ourselves out of any swamp and overcome any trial.

Scarab beetle talisman (amulet)

Scarab is in Egypt, and the symbol path to wisdom student. In the manufacture of talismans Egyptians applied to the body of the scarab special label with the sacramental sense. But often the talismans prepared in the form of a beetle as usual, and precious stones, of glazed terracotta. Of many small scarabs do even beads. And the soldiers were of Egyptian scarabs on itself as a symbol of fertility.

 Overall figures & talisman (amulet) as scarab mean immortality. Two wings symbolize beetle eyes — one of them, seeing in the dark, associated with the moon, the second — day eye, associated with the sun and gives life to all living things.

On the back is the famous scarab sign tau with a dot in the center. It was at this point, there are earth and heaven, the seven cosmic movement and the six directions of space.

After completing his mission on earth, spreading its wings Scarab and flies away into the infinite distance, gave birth to his roots.

Currently, with the symbol of the scarab jewelry can be seen in many Egyptian shops and stores. But, while the tourists are selling them under the guise of universal amulet sellers is not particularly versed in the intricacies of the symbolism of this talisman.

Mascot in the form of a scarab has a mysterious force. He is able to protect people from evil and cover him in difficult situations. This mascot fruitful activity, reviving people and restores it from the ashes. But the mascot also brings happiness to the owner, he brings success, prosperity and good fortune. Women Scarab helps preserve youth and beauty, men makes fertile, strong and brave.

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