Removing curses and evil eye. Strong protection against black magic

Magical artifact-pendant amp;quot;New Lifeamp;quot;. Removing curses and evil eye. Strong protection against black magic
Removing curses and evil eye. Strong protection against black magic
My witch experience has taught me that out of one hundred people who come to me to have a curse, evil eye spell or other kinds of black witchcraft removed, only ten are mistaken. Unfortunately, the rest 90 people are right about the cause of their problems. They feel its presence in their chakras and karma.
 I help many of them on my own. Sometimes, when my energy is not enough, I use the help of other spell-casters. On rare occasions, I may advise a person to consult a particular spell-caster.
Fortunately, there’s a good, proven way to protect oneself against black magic. That is buying a powerful protection amulet. It can be purchased by any person. The amulet starts protecting its owner against black magic, including black magic curses and hexes, right after you purchase it. Moreover, unlike most magic artifacts, this amulet doesn’t simply push curses and hexes on the border of your energy. It’s very dangerous, because if you lose your amulet or the amulet loses its magic powers (information about it can be found on my website), all pending curses and hexes will attack you at once, and that’s when you will be beyond salvation.
Fortunately, this amulet protects its owner in a different way. As soon as it identifies witchcraft, flying at you as a horrible monster, a magic protection shield is set up to repulse the attack and send the witchcraft back to where it came from. That’s when the sorcerer or spell-caster who wanted to destroy you will have to neutralize his own curse or hex, or suffer as a result of self-cursing. As for you, even if you lose your amulet accidentally, you will still be in no danger. After a few failed attempts to harm you, no sorcerer or spell-caster will try to do that again.
As for self-cursing, it happens more often than you think. Speaking of my clients, every third man under black magic is self-cursed. Of course, you will ask me,
“What will the amulet do about it?”
“Will it punish me?”
“Will it create even more problems?”
 As an experienced and professional witch, I can assure you, “NO, IT WON’T!” First of all, the amulet distinguishes between curses and self-curses. Secondly, if you tend to judge or scold yourself a lot, the amulet won’t let you do that anymore. It will stop you from cursing yourself. That’s when you will ask yourself, terrified, “What am I doing?” Realizing the danger of your thoughts and words, you will break off your bad habit of being your own ill-wisher, and self-curses will no longer pose a threat to your welfare. If you want to buy this amazing artifact from me, you may also wonder,
“Are the amulet’s powers limited?”
“Can the amulet repulse any black magic attack?”
“Can a powerful spell-caster spoil the amulet?”
Don’t worry about it. The amulet is charged with the most powerful and effective protection rituals and spells, and can handle any kind of witchcraft. In addition, the materials it’s made of provide additional protection by preventing sorcerers from identifying the amulet. While most protection amulets are made of noble metals, this artifact is made of a waxed lace and clay hardened with a consecrated fire with a few drops of a witch’s blood.
By the way, the wax used for creating this amulet is not some random wax. It’s taken from magic candles which have been used in powerful protection rituals which successfully freed witchcraft victims from black magic.
More questions:
They say people with a black energy (bad karma) can’t use magic items. Is that true?
Is it true that magic can only protect people with a pure energy?
Is there something that prevents this amulet from protecting its owner?
Yes, there are certain conditions under which the amulet fails to protect its owner, and the purity of your energy also plays a very important role. Remember, you may become a victim of witchcraft or a black magiс curse in two ways: when someone dislikes you or uses magic to punish you for something you’ve done. If it’s about dislike, the amulet will do whatever it takes to protect you. If it’s about magic, it’ll prove useless. The thing is targeted magic is done through the mediation of Higher Powers which believe that for the evil you’ve done, you need to be taught a lesson that is some powerful curses.
 If that’s the case, you won’t be able to get rid of your curses on your own until you clean your soul. Even if you have your soul cleaned by an experienced spell-caster, the effect won’t last long. A couple of days later, black witchcraft, which will have become much stronger by that time, will take control of you again.
Question:Can I buy this amulet not for myself but to protect another person?
Answer:Sure you can! Moreover, as a gift, the amulet becomes even more effective, because it will be charged not only with the energy of the magic rituals performed, but also the energy of your love and care.
Besides, you can ask me to customize your amulet to suit your energies or the energies of the person who in your opinion needs to be protected from witchcraft. I can do that remotely. All I need is to speak with you over the phone or a picture of the person the amulet is intended for (you can send it to me via email). Also, I can ensure that the amulet will never get lost or broken.
 However, if the amulet still gets lost or broken (this is true for all esoteric items), it means its mission has been fulfilled and you no longer need its protection. Also it may mean that the amulet has destroyed as many black magic curses and hexes as it could, and it’s time for you to get a new one.
If you buy «Pendant New Life», additionally you get:

- Ritual spell-activation, ie this thing will cast a magical spell — protection spell or& get rid curse spell- on the name of the person.

- You get a photo or video record of casting ritual& «remove curse spell» or «protection spell»

- Before buying «Pendant New life» I give free of charge advice and tarot reading about your problem

-Delivery- Free

- You pay only 1 time
Price — 930 $ us
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