Set of curses as Gift for Revenge Enemy (Impotence, poverty, disease, loneliness, accident)

This magic set of curses that work is so dangerous that I insist that you don’t take it into your hands. If you can’t figure out a way to give it to your enemy without touching it, let me adjust it for you so it doesn’t harm you. This set of revenge spells for enemy is designed to cursed and hex people who can’t be punished otherwise. Typically, it’s used to black magic hex or curse that work robbers and rapists, tyrants and sadists, thieves and murderers who caused a lot of suffering to other people, but somehow managed to escape punishment.
This magic artifact is as dangerous as a real weapon, that’s why I don’t sell it to random customers on demand. To begin with, you’re going to have to tell me why you want to revenge curse and hex someone. If I find your reasons convincing, you’ll get your magic set after customization and will be able to implement your plans. But if anything of what you say seems far-fetched to me, I’ll carry out magic diagnostics to check whether your story is true. If it turns out you’re lying and the person who you want to punish doesn’t deserve it, you won’t get the artifact.

Curse that work and Hex as Revenge for enemy

This magic item is unbelievably powerful and is capable of inflicting untold suffering on its victim. But don’t forget about the laws of magic, one of which runs that if a man doesn’t deserve punishment, it will be inflicted on the one who tries to punish him.
In other words, if you’re trying to black magic curse and hex someone who Higher Powers believe doesn’t deserve it, or who regrets doing what’s been done, the powerful curse or hex you’re trying to cast will be cast on you!
This magic set fron few curses that work  is so effective due to the cursing magic rituals performed to charge it and the ingredients used to create it. Depending on the type of curse you want to cast on your enemy (disease, loneliness, insanity, life-shortening, poverty, impotency, car accident, property loss, etc.), the magic item can be filled with ashes of the victim’s photo, magic herbs, wax of the candles used during a funeral service, dried insects, mouse skin or teeth, things of poor or homeless people, things of single or sick people or various pills.
That’s why you should be very cautious using this set of real curses and hex that work. By the way, the itemyou see in the picture is not the one you’ll be delivered. I do that to ensure that your enemy won’t be able to recognize it when you give it to him, because the curse takes effect only after its victim touches the item or brings it home.
The best way to give this highly dangerous magic item to your enemy is by mail. Or you can give it to him as a present. By the way, I do understand that your enemy may have children who might want to play with the new toy. That’s why I always adjust the item to ensure that the curse is cast specifically on your enemy.
It’s not uncommon when people intuitively know that something’s wrong and go to spellcaster or witches to have a protection spell cast. Such magic protection that work  may be rather effective. But don’t worry. I can scan your enemy to find out if he’s magically protected and destroy any ritual protecting him. That’s when nothing will be able to prevent you from getting your revenge on your enemy.

Hex and Curses as Gift for Revenge your Enemy

Question: It seems to me that this magic item is a little overpriced… Am I right?
Answer: First of all, this magic item is unique and has no analogues on the Internet. Secondly, I’m one of those witches who guarantee all their customers’ safety regardless of what they’re intending to achieve with the help of magic. Thirdly, I work remotely and can make a magic item for you to curse your enemy without your presence. Most importantly, making this artifact is a very complicated process that takes a lot of time (up to several days). That’s what makes it a little more expensive than other magic items, and that’s why I just can’t reduce its price.
Question: What should I do if I can’t know for sure that my enemy will open up the package and take the magic toy in his hands?
Answer: There’re a number of ways to make him touch it. For example, you put the toy in front of his apartment door or into his mailbox (naturally, taking necessary precautions). Or you can bring it to your enemy’s home and leave it somewhere where you know he’ll see it. Remember, you should never ever admit that you’ve brought the toy, or it may trigger magic side effect.
Question: What should I do after I punish my enemy?
Answer: As a rule, it’s up to Higher Powers to decide whether a person’s suffered enough or not. If they think it’s time to stop a man’s suffering, they do that by neutralizing the toy’s magic. But if you want to stop your enemy’s suffering earlier, just tell me about it and I will perform appropriate rituals.
Question: Can I punish someone using real curse and hex who did a lot of harm to me but then apologized?
Answer: I can answer your question only after carrying out magic diagnostics. If it turns out the man sincerely regrets what he’s done to you and has reconsidered his life, it’ll be very difficult to punish him. Moreover, it’ll be wrong. But if it turns out this man’s playing the hypocrite by apologizing to you, I’ll punish him immediately (if you ask me to).
Question: Can I powerful curse and hex  a persone to cause him get sacked and be unable to find a new job?
Answer: As I’ve said already, there exist a great number of various curses that works real. You just need to choose which one you want to be cast on your enemy, while my job is to program the toy to implement all you plans in detail.

Price ritual for curses and hex using gift:

1 curse-  1300 $ us
2 curses-  1900 $ us

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