Charms talismans

People from ancient times to use the subject, bringing good luck, protection and happiness. And these things are called amulets, talismans and amulets. Talismans and amulets, talismans actually have magical powers, protecting people from any negativity, protecting their health and happiness. But what's the difference?
Warding is a lower degree of influence on the world and is designed to preserve and protect from all sorts of trouble.
Amulets, conversely, to use to attract happiness. And unlike talismans, amulets are not tied to a rigid form, as mere things, chosen by the people as a protective and assisting tools. Action amulet above all tied at the owner.
Talisman is a means to achieve their goals. Very rarely confused with their charms, as their sphere of influence is often overlap. But mascots, as a rule, have clearly established form and action-oriented.
Charms charms with their hands
Charms of old were made with his own hands, mainly to protect the house and its occupants from disease, bad spirits and to bring brownies. Try to make one of the easiest of them. To do this, take the herb is used to wash grass painter's brush and broken apart for 2-3 small amulets. Tie the wire top of each herb bundle wire, flatten by a fan and put under pressure. Saturate the morning ward on both sides with white glue and wait for it to dry. You can still flash the broom on the machine — so they will be stronger. Then decorate with charm, as you wish. But according to long-established tradition, it must be exactly 12 characters. And ready to ward cover varnish.
Very popular at all times were charms charms against the evil eye. And one of the easiest — is the red thread that came to us from the Kabbalists. This is a red woolen thread worn on the wrist of the left hand. According to Kabbalistic scholar, was left in man is the host, and through evil penetrates from without a man, causing irreparable harm. Itself, have high efficiency red threads, imported from Israel.
Loved to make amulets Slavs. And the most popular charms charms Slavs — a doll krupenichka and bell. Doll Krupenichka (see above photo charms charms) was considered a talisman for prosperity and satiety in the family. The first handful of grain for seed taken from the pouch sewn in the form of dolls. Corn, pour in it, symbolizing strength PROTECTING our Earth.
After harvesting Krupenichka refill most selective grain, dressed and carefully preserved. Slavs firmly believed that in this case, and next year will be full. In times of famine, of cereal porridge cooked from the pupa, and the inbound visitor could to chrysalis to determine how well fed the family lives. At the end of the nineteenth year of the origins of this ceremony were partially distorted, began to sew a bag, filling it wheat or peas. And become a different name itself doll — peas.
In general, the Slavs produced doll charms from any available material — cloth, wood, bone, straw, thread. And each of the dolls was made with a certain concept, had its name, its rites and its manufacturing history. In principle, you can make for yourself any of them. Although the production of the talisman without transmitted from generation to generation nagovornyh words guardian will not have the same strength, but nevertheless, guaranteed to work!
Manufacturing a doll, do not forget a characteristic feature — they have no face. Although the face may vyvyazat pattern, but without the eyes, nose and mouth. The fact that the doll without face not allow yourself to move into an evil spirit, and create evil.

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