Do not wear on himself the cross - its symbol of death

 In the world there is a huge variety of characters. most famous symbol is the cross. What is the meaning of this symbol is that symbolize?
Since the existence of the cross as a symbol of Western culture is directly linked to Christianity, will start with the consideration of the Christian understanding of the character. Christians believe, Jesus died on the cross, Christ, the founder of Christianity. And, as they say themselves Christians «is truly dead.» Moreover, he died with great suffering.
Punishment on the cross, common in the Roman Empire, the procedure was used as the death penalty. She was considered a shameful execution, and to apply to high-risk and hard-core criminals — this tell us Christian evangelists.
It should be stressed that according to the Christian by the same sources, on the cross Jesus had just died. Raised, ie come to life «in the flesh», he in another place three days later.
Not hard to guess that the cross for Christians in general, that for them the modern inhabitants of the Roman Empire, clearly symbolized death. Shameful, painful death.
In this, and in no other way, the cross came into the symbolism of Christianity. It is very well suited to the spiritual and filosovsim basics of Christianity, for which the main point is that there will be a person after death, which gave the Christians «opportunity» with contempt for human life «in the flesh» and has led to such a heinous practice as " mortification of the flesh. "
It is this character, thanks to his death value was chosen warriors of the Crusades. The presence of the cross on their clothing, symbolized borne of death for all «infidels.» This directly led to the fact that for the non-Christian peoples, in particular for Muslims, the cross became the same value — has become a symbol of death.
For the new Russian history cross became more deadly in importance during World War II, when the symbol of the cross, note — the same as the Crusaders, carrying the most ferocious invaders, which just came across Russia.
Another function of the cross, coming out of its symbolic value — the value of death, firmly entrenched in the national life. This planting of the cross on the grave human. As can be seen, this function directly flows from the value of the cross, which symbolizes the circumstances — there's death, there is a dead man.
Now consider, in the light of the importance of the cross, look many rituals and methods of using the cross as a symbol.
In addition to the cemeteries, crosses today are set on Christian churches and churches. The characteristic property of many Christian churches, as you probably know, is the presence in them of human remains — the relics.
In this sense, the Christian church is a grave, burial place, which is enough to put him over the cross — a symbol of death. But in the church and are real people. What are they doing?
They prepare for death. They are trying to atone for sins, to the death to get some benefits. Even if they do not own the equipment mortification, they emphasize the moment of death, as it is for them a special moment — the beginning of existence after death.
In a sense we can say that they are already half dead, and the temple topped with a cross is to them a kind of grown out of the earth a common grave — a transitional bridge from this world to the other.
Think about it now, what happens when a person «makes the sign of the cross,» or worse, wearing this symbol painful and shameful death on himself. This man shows to other people that he seems to be dead, or tends to die, because life on earth for a phenomenon in general, small in comparison to be made after the death of eternity, «mortal eternity.»
Think about what happens when a priest baptize your child, imposing on him the symbol of death.
Thus, we can reliably conclude that the structures and the people bearing the symbol of the cross, with this symbol indicate that they do not already belong to the world of living and the dead belong to the world.
In addition, it is clear that religion, chose a main symbol of the cross is a cult of death, religion, the dead — «dead» religion. In
Displaying the this is not unexpected. After all well aware that all the Christian saints have died, and will meet with the Christian god, the god of the dead, only after death.

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