Egyptian talismans (amulets)

Talking about the features of Egyptian civilization, it should be remembered that its history, its structure is very different of other communities that have existed in other parts of the planet. For example, the rulers of Egypt were not the descendants of the gods, but this variant is found most often, while they themselves were gods. Again, the magic was not separated from religion. It would be better to say, the magic was the religion of ancient Egypt. These features, in part, was able to restore because of the huge amount possessed Egyptian amulets (talismans), which were found by archaeologists during excavations.

Just thought that the magic have almost all beings, not only priests, but also the people and, of course, the Gods. And while the guardians of magical knowledge were those who used magic and doctors, and travelers, peasants and townspeople, and all enjoyed the mascots. Powerful  Egyptian talismans (amulets) counted quite a number, each could pick your own. Some scientists say the seventy five key charms, while others called a significant number. In short, the mascot was for the child and the adult. And for the patient and for the health, for the doctor. And for a scientist, and Pharaoh, and for a fisherman.

Real Egyptian talismans (amulets)

There was even a certain classification of talismans (amulets). They were divided by the material from which they are produced and form. Made a difference of a product and for whom he designed a talisman, it is a fact that mascots accompanied man after death. Had special magic items that ought to put on dead or laid side by side, at the burial. Amulet (talisman) also differed from the fact whether there was an inscription on it or not, and of course, in terms of function.

There were, as well, talismans, which used very often, and the ones that are extremely rare. The most common were: first, Ankh, it could be seen as a separate figure, or as a part of the picture, such as a ring. Ankh spoke of immortality and long life. Seeing Eye or Eye of Horus, he saved from the evil eye, and quite often used by healers and travelers.

And of course, the scarab, the wealth, the divine character of his drawing, it was made of clay, scraped the plates, and sometimes do, caught a scarab and mummified him to put next to the tomb of the pharaoh. Another mascot, who was very popular among the ancient Egyptians, was Shenu or Cartouche. Oval, inside of which was written the name of who this  best Egyptian talisman (amulet) guarded.

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