Feng shui amulet. talisman fish turtle frog moent and other

feng shui amulet talisman fish turtle frog moent Feng Shui amulet (talisman)
Technique or teaching, or perhaps at all, it's magic, because it is impossible to modern man to imagine that within an office or an apartment in the center of the city, can be quiet, calm, measured, and that help to this, small figurines, feng shui talismans (amulets). However, this is so funny pictures of animals, closed lines with lots of turns, from which it is impossible to look away, because you want to go all the maze depicted, or keepers of dreams, or even an aquarium with goldfish, all — elements of the exercise, Feng Shui talismans (amulets) .

There are two big questions when people first heard about the teachings of Feng Shui — what it should be, and how it works. Why? The answer is simple. Modern civilization does not spare the man, she forces him to compete with electronic computing devices, it is impossible to speed around the world, or the grass in many urban traffic. She confronts man with man, head-on. And this happens not only in the workplace, too, is in transport, in line, and worst of all — at home. The man wears quicker, disease develop faster and ultimately, his life may be extended only with medications, and it is — a bad life.

Feng Shui &amulet (talisman)

What's missing person in this world? First of all, the ability to stop and take a breath. Eyes rested on the grass, the water, the clouds. To understand that the essence of human life is not a competition, the point is to see and feel the beauty, to be able to enjoy it. And in terms of technique, Feng Shui is the proper distribution of energy flows, and not signs charms. Within the person, in his home, at his workplace. The possibility of alternating tension and relaxation.

 By talismans offered by Feng Shui, are images of animals, real and fantastic. This elephants, turtles, dragons, mandarin ducks and others. Each figurine of a symbol of human aspiration or desire. Being in the house, they constantly remind the person, for example, that he does not just want to earn as much money, and earn to spend it and please yourself and your family. At one point, thought, he stops and throws an inhuman pace of life, just time to rest.

Proper distribution of talismans around the room, lets teach people to be distracted from the same thoughts, change their course, and it soothes and prevents stress. With words, printed on mascots reminded that to achieve a harmonious state, the order must lead not only business, but also our feeling that, in particular, helps and prayer.

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