Fish amulet (talisman)

The belief that the fish amulet (talisman) brings happiness comes from popular in the Neolithic cult fish. At the time, the fish was considered savior in times of trouble, and healer demiurge. Even the ancient dwellings and their sanctuary is decorated with sculptures of stone fish. Figure fish length about 18 cm, made of clay, marble or sandstone, caught so far during the excavations. But the fish talisman to bring good luck, not only in this life, but also the protection and happiness in parallel worlds. Often, the fish was placed in a stone tomb, considering that such mascots help to find a new life.

Fish talisman ( amulet) gold can fulfill the most cherished desire. In this case, the fish amulet (talisman) &likened gold fish of all known tale. But the fish, made of silver, helping to make up after a fight. Fish made of nickel silver, gives wisdom and ability to compromise.

By the way, if you want to combine incongruous, then place on a talisman three fish — then not only will you have time to do all the household chores, but will occupy a leading position in the workplace, and their children will remain a parent.

Fish has long been respected in China — where the fish symbolizes fertility and abundance. And why so popular fish and in Feng Shui, creating a positive environment in the house.

To impact fish in the house was favorable, consider that the species of fish in the aquarium, and even the number of no small importance. Is important, and the right choice of aquarium — it should not be any small or large.

It is best to fish in the aquarium was 9. Number nine in principle symbolizes harmony between heaven and earth. Track, and that one of the fish was black. Black fish perfectly absorb the negative emotions, and the combination of colors will give you prosperity and protection against treachery.

In that case, if you decide to have more than 9 fish, then try to keep their numbers are divisible by nine.

As one of attracting wealth and protective talismans known outside of China and Dragon fish, called arrovana. If you have forged this fish at home, keep in mind that it is best to place it in the northern zone. Please note that it is necessary to pick up the fish pink, gold and silver colors.

 Goldfish are also a symbol of prosperity in Feng Shui. Just choose red and gold fish. Perfect for a capital increase Japanese ruikin. Just in any case, do not place an aquarium with these fish in the southern zone.

If you are not a follower of aquariums and live fish, take pictures even fish.

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