Autism treatment method witch Reddy. Anti-autism magic spells. Treatment of the child psyche. Cure autism spells by witch-doctor

Autism treatment method witch Reddy. Anti-autism magic spells. Treatment of the child psyche. Cure autism spells by  witch-doctor
Anti-autism magic spells. Treatment of the child psyche. Cure autism spells by  witch-doctor
Despite the fact that autistic children are born every year worldwide on 1.3-1.7 % more, and, despite the close attention to this disease by the official science to find a cure for patients it is still not possible. At least — representatives of official medicine. They still refer to autism as an incurable disease, offering parents or surrender or fight alone, which does not give any results, and help them in which no one can.

But considers only the official medicine. Professional magicians and witch — doctor says otherwise — autism can be cured if not completely, then partially weakened. And you can help almost any child or even an adult, has lived for many years with such a diagnosis. A unique can help both the material used and on the magical properties of the artifact, which I exhibited with great joy in my online store, and has been specifically designed to help autistic with varying degrees of disease severity.

This magic pyramid by hand and under special rituals turned from natural stone shungite, which is mined in only one place on the planet — in Russian Karelia. But the incredible, scientifically proven properties of stone shungite I 'll discuss shortly. In the meantime, you 'll get all the secrets that have made of this stone is a magical thing.

Despite its relatively small size — 15 inches in height (see photo) — a magical pyramid has an incredible power, capable of changing the status of any arebenka — utista the better from the very first days of its occurrence in the house or apartment. On each of the four sides of the artifact has special magic signs forming four separate but intertwined between each other and complement each other magical program, more about which you can read here.

1 — spell program — created for the treatment of various diseases of the blood and organs of the circulatory system. This spell structures metabolism in the blood, making the blood optimal for age, lifestyle and optimal health. Also, these magical symbols improves the spleen, liver, and has beneficial effects on bone marrow and brain cells .

Symbol consists of the following runes, forming the central ligature: TEYVAZ, Berkana, Laguz, Uruz, which are a strong magical formula ideal blood.

Rune bunch with four sides of the central tie — Ehwaz, Naude, GEBO. Structuring and cleansing the blood, leading to saturation of its normal processes of carbon dioxide and oxygen tie diagonally — Uruz, SOVILU — runic form galdrastav translated as «Solar Bull» — it is filled with blood force, stimulating the perfect job -forming organs .

2 — program-spll — runic formula is created for any problems associated with urinary incontinence. It consists of the following runes :
Laguz — involuntary delivering urine flow problems .
Nauta — to give him an order not to go spontaneously from the bladder.
Uruz — the force by which this flow is retained in the patient's body .

Proved that prolonged use of magical pyramid completely cures and the autistic child and adult from such so vexing problem .

3 program — spell — it runic formula stabilizing intracranial pressure, reducing it, and sending it to the state standards. In addition, this formula relieves shortness of breath, spasms of the respiratory system, helps in diseases such as asthma and pulmonary dystrophy. 3magicheskaya formula cures chronic headaches and clarifies the mind, returns to reality, relieves cerebral lethargy and chronic fatigue (including creative stagnation and mental passivity ). Normalizes the condition in those who experience persistent fatigue.

4 program — spell — and cure mental illnesses of varying severity, including autism, schizophrenia, cerebral palsy, regardless of the reasons which caused them. This spell afford to fight both acquired and congenital problems of the mental body, birth traumas, and are responsible for it runes KANO, Uruz, ANSUZ .
KANO — this rune will find healing energies and indicate the main center of the disease — the cause of autism or other mental illness.
ANSUZ — Fleece responsible for removing the problems of the area of the brain.
Uruz — grant recovery and then health, she is the custodian for many years.
Also, fourth — spell program relieves migraines, pain resulting from stress or injury, normalizes sleep, stabilize behavior, removing aggression, apathy and irritability. Eludes interest in life, there is the ability to learn, interest in communicating with other children and animals, and gives the strength to resist regression that at some stages lecheniya.Osobenno is good for those autistic children who every day stanovitsyavse worse worse is regression, ak bud is the child returns to the level of development infancy. This spell is capable ostanovitetot regression.

All these 4-D formula = spells and give birth to the incredible magic on the power that is able to cope with such a terrible disease like autism. Furthermore, we should not forget about the unique properties of stone shungite from which made the pyramid. Namely about these properties, I witch Reddy and want to talk about now. But first, I will specify that helps magic pyramid not only in autism, and at any of those diseases whose symptoms were listed just above .

Shungit Stone is one of the oldest terrestrial rocks whose age is more than 2 billion years. It is even older basalt, which is considered due to its antiquity one of the purest materials on the planet. Shungit even purer it as appeared as part of the Earth's crust before the moment that first appeared on earth life at the cellular level. His name he received in 1887 under the name of the village Shunga ( South Karelia, Russia) which was detected. At the same time, and it turned out that the field is found only in the world, and if shungite where found, but only in the form of small inclusions in other breeds.

Today, no one quite convincingly confirmed the hypothesis concerning the origin of this mineral. So some scientists have a version that is shungite pictures of extraterrestrial origin, arrived from deep space as a huge fragment of the planet — the mega- meteorite. There is also a hypothesis that shungite formed from sapropel — organic sediments, fossils, and then converted an incredible heat and tremendous pressure volcanic eruptions.

There is a third theory which scientists believe shungite formed from shale as a result of some planetary catastrophe, escaped from the surface of the earth giant Shard, which is currently the only satellite of the Earth — Moon. According to this version the planet survived a collision with some giant celestial body, causing pressure and was formed just incredible strength. It shungite and compacted, so changing their crystal lattice that today its analogues among other planetary rocks just yet.

But regardless of theorizes one thing is certain — today there is a mineral that had been so rich and diverse set of healing properties, as shungite. And it's not the statement of a handful of fans of this mineral. Beneficence shungita on the human body have proved countless scientific ekserimenty conducted and ongoing worldwide. The results of their so sensational that the official world of science for a long time split into two camps — those who believe that the healing properties shungita exaggerated, and those who have proved that we do not know even a small part of what is capable of this amazing mineral. And second every year becomes more and more.

The first thing that caught the attention of scientists — incredible property shungita destroy any harmful compounds that are dangerous for human health. Moreover, it reacts to the substances as being on the human skin and already accumulated by the human body. At the same time take into shungite in any form is not necessary. Is simply in the same room with him, so that he destroyed any toxins and waste acid, alkali, kaltsevidnogo origin. And this mineral cleans not only the blood and soft tissues, but also the internal organs, kidneys, and liver counting, joints, bones, and brain.

It is thanks to this unique feature in constant contact with shungite able to fully rejuvenate and restore the body to even the running state of absolute health, which will be accompanied by returning to normal healthy life indicators .

Add to this the fact that we are incredibly rich in mineral composition stone shungite has a pronounced ( and official science and medicine is already recognize ) bactericidal, sorption and catalytic properties. In addition, it exhibits anti-inflammatory properties, is accelerating postoperative healing 4-5 times, heals burns of varying severity, almost without leaving scars. And moreover demonstrates bactericidal, antiseptic, analgesic, anti-allergy and immune-boosting qualities, acting on many people at the level of the strongest antibiotics and drugs for the treatment of pain.

Also spoofed it — the only natural material that can completely block the negative impact that is observed in geopathic zones or nearby. But the most amazing thing is that while not having a chance to explain the reasons for this, most serious scientists of the world have proven that shungite able to normalize and clarify the work of consciousness, healing the most difficult and the most advanced forms of mental illness, including today considered incurable, already mentioned at the beginning this article, autism .

Proved that constant contact with shungite completely rebuild thin man plans that entail the restructuring of the brain, so — and consciousness, which as a result of healing begins to work at a level that is now regarded as the norm throughout the world.

New milestone in understanding the unique properties shungite was scientific discovery award in the 90 years of XX century the Nobel Prize, and is to detect as part shungita specific molecular compounds — fullerene, defining a wide range of therapeutic action of this amazing mineral mining .
Russia is a major exporter of Karelian schungite America (USA and Canada ), Western Europe ( Austria, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands, England and Australia .

In the stone shungite a substance -fullerene. At best, the natural form of natural complexes.
Seven years after the discovery of fullerene proved this former Soviet scientist Simon Tsipursky .
In America, one of the laboratories of the University of Arizona, he studied sample Karelian shungite who accidentally took with him — in memory of the Geological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Research results for a moment startled the scientific world: in the Karelian shungite discovered fullerenes. So, in northern Russia, under natural conditions, there is stuff that worked so hard to get in research centers. Location fullerenes appeared in shungite until no one can explain. It's a mystery, like the origin of the shungit. But the important thing is that their existence is discovered and confirmed scientifically.

And no doubt that creative people and creative, and to all those who seek to develop their consciousness and the speed and depth of thought processes will be interested to know that very often shungite can exacerbate the human brain so that its owner is gradually transferred to the level of high genius . Therefore, if you are looking for a solution  problems magical pyramid shungite is indispensable for you .

Even older people as a half-hour contacts with this pyramid will allow, if not get rid of it completely stop the development of age-related diseases, which in itself will prolong their active phase and therefore vivid life on 10 Th years or more.

When buy this pyramid, I suggest you make an interesting experiment — lower magical iramidu in dirty, stagnant, foul-smelling water. And about half an hour look at the results. Water will be clear and clean, odor will disappear, and all toxic and harmful once falls to the bottom! Similarly, this amazing mineral and acts on the human body of an autistic child, only neutralized toxins and dead cells do not accumulate in the body and found naturally within the next 48 hours, which allows the body to begin a fast and effective process overall regeneration — complete rejuvenation. The very same water after such contact becomes powerful cleansing, restorative and anti-oxidant properties. And this, in spite of all the fantastic nature of such statements, repeatedly confirmed by official science! More about stone shungtit you mozheshprochitat in Wikipedia.

Question: What do I need to do to magic pyramid provided maximum impact ?
Answer: No special action is required. Enough to put her in close proximity near the child or sick, and shungite and attached magic immediately begin the process of healing, and the best way is the consumption of water in which nahodilaspramida .

Question: Is there a disease that can not heal this stuff?
Answer: While not fully determined the impact on shungita cancer. Because treat oncology using this mineral is better not necessary.

Q: Can it be that your artifact does not help my autistic child :
Answer: As a strong professional I 'm responsible for every magic item, and therefore let 's hope not for a cure, and partial progress in the treatment of a disease you can. A significant extent you as parents of a child with autism, you know without words .

Well, more detail on any of your questions, I will answer in person .
witch Reddy
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