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pregnancy spellsHow to get pregnant by witchcraft. 
Made of boro glass, this magic ring is designed for those who want to have a child but for different reasons can’t. It improves and harmonizes sex life, cleans and enhances sex chakras. Also, the ring protects pregnant women against all kinds of curses and black magic.
It’s a handmade, one of a kind ring which has no analogues in online stores worldwide. 10 cm high, it’s shaped as drops, one of which is pierced (soldered in) by a triton or a tadpole. To help you understand which ring to choose, I’m going to tell you about each of them: The tadpole symbolizes conception. It resembles a spermatozoon and has an amazing will to live. It can overcome any obstacle, escape enemies and dangers to reach its goal that is life.
Continuously growing and changing, it will give your body the energies to conceive a baby no matter what. With the help of this ring, you will not only become pregnant, but will also carry your pregnancy successfully and give birth to a healthy, beautiful baby!The triton has always symbolized sexiness. Representing your partner, it enhances his sexual strength. Ancient sorcerers knew of the triton’s ability to change the size of a man’s penis, increase his endurance and sexual desire. The element of water will connect you with your partner’s ejaculation, which he, if you want, won’t be able to control and thus will impregnate you, if that’s what you want.
A swimming triton symbolizes a desire to have a baby. A triton resting in the shallows symbolizes your satisfaction from sex with your partner. A triton that is hiding in the silt is a symbol of your secret sex phantasies and dreams which for some reason you’re afraid to make happen and, perhaps, never will. At least, until you buy this ring. This ring is charged with three very powerful rituals: Cleaning ritual – it removes curses and evil eye spells which cause infertility or miscarriages, stabilizes, enhances and cleans energies. It redirects energy streams towards the areas important for successful conception and pregnancy.
Also, this ritual protects women and their babies before, during and after childbirth. Pregnancy ritual – performed when the Moon is on the wax, it ensures normal development of fetus and good general state of the mother. I’ve improved this ritual and now it also influences the baby’s father. The ritual makes him care about his pregnant wife and do whatever it takes to ensure the welfare of his woman and the baby she’s caring. Protection ritual – it involves incredibly powerful magic. Once a woman puts the ring on her finger, it creates a rock solid protection cocoon around her which no destructive energy can break through. It protects the woman’s body, soul and mind, which ensures her safety during and after pregnancy, and makes her happy.
Questions and answers:
Question: I’ve been dreaming of having a baby for a long time, but I can’t find a man who would want to have children with me. Will this ring help me?
Answer: No, the ring can’t help you find the right man. The purpose of this ring is to help you conceive and carry a baby. But don’t worry. Luckily, my online store offers a number of magic items which can help you find your man (by casting a love spell on someone you know or finding the one destined to you who you haven’t met yet).
Question: Will this ring help a man? I mean I have a girlfriend and I want her to be the mother of my child. Can I count on your ring’s help?
spells for pregnancyAnswer: Unfortunately, no. This ring is designed for women. However, I have magic items which have a similar effect but are designed for men. Contact me and I will tell you more about how I can help you.
Question: My situation is pretty unusual. I’m dating three men at the same time. I have sex with each of them but want a baby from just one of them. Can this ring have a targeted effect and help me become pregnant from that very man, while ensuring that the other two can’t impregnate me?
Answer: Yes, it’s possible. However, to make it happen, very powerful magic is required. It means the ring will have to be charged with a number of very powerful and complicated rituals. I can do that for you, but you need to know that it’s not cheap. But isn’t it worth it?
Question: I love this ring. But you wrote it’s exclusive, which means someone may buy it before I do. I’d like to buy it for later. I have a boyfriend but he’s not ready to become a father yet. To be honest, neither am I. So, can I do that? Won’t the ring lose its magic properties?
Answer: I guarantee superior quality of all my magic artifacts, including this ring. So go ahead! The ring preserves all of its magic properties until the day comes when you need it. However, don’t wear this ring until you’re ready to become pregnant! Otherwise, you may activate its magic programs and there will be no stopping it!
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