Weight loss spell. Remove obesity curse- magic set and spells

Weight loss spell. Remove obesity curse- magic set and spellsWeight loss spell. Remove obesity curse- magic set and spells
This weight loss set has no analogues in online stores worldwide and is custom made for each client. This ensures your quick, healthy and comfortable weight loss without relapse.
It’s a three day magic weight loss formula which allows you to lose up to 3.5 kg at one go! Moreover, I guarantee that you’ll notice positive changes in your body almost immediately – it will no longer be pastose or flabby. Contrarily, you’ll get in shape, while your waist will become 3.5 – 3.8 cm smaller!
My magic weight loss set is made according to an old witch recipe and includes:
1. Three herbal tea bags. Each bag contains green tea powder, artichoke and fennel powder to enhance the lymphatic system drainage. Also, it contains natural cherry fructose, a great source of dietary fibers – prebiotics normalizing intestinal microflora.
Use one tea bag per day. To get the most benefits from the tea, brew one tea bag per one liter of water. Use purified bottled water. Avoid using unpurified tap water. Drink the tea throughout the day. Make sure you use all the three tea bags in three days.
2. White capsules. Take two capsules every morning before breakfast. The capsules contain red grape extract which improves blood microcirculation ensuring fat loss. It removes excess fluid from the body, but not as a diuretic but due to improved muscle and vessel tone.
3. Pink capsules. Take two capsules at lunch. Containing corn stigma powder, senna powder and grounded fennel, they normalize intestinal function and ensure reduced appetite.
4. Blue capsules. Take two capsules in the evening. They contain grounded and dried Melissa leaves which normalize sleep, and senna powder which has laxative properties, ensuring that the following morning toxins and waste products which prevent you from losing weight will be removed from your body.
Only safe, natural coloring dyes are used. Each capsule has a magic rune pattern, galdrastafir, which will influence your mind, making you stop wanting high-fat, sugar and fried foods, and bakery. By the way, I will program your weight loss set to make you stop wanting the foods you personally tend to overeat. Otherwise, the magic set won’t help you. I mean you will still lose a few kilos but that will be all you’ll be able to accomplish.
The runes from the capsules will help you resist temptations and avoid breakdowns leading to overeating, which is fatal for any attempt to lose weight.
5. Furthermore, this unique weight loss set has a very powerful and rare magic artifact, a white hydrogel strip on textile material. The artifact has a sticky side soaked through with active ingredients protected from dying with a thin tape. Also, it contains natural chamomile and concentrated peppermint essential oils, and camphor oil. Combined, they are a perfect tool to relive stress, depression. Inhaling their aroma will help you relax, stop worrying, and being obsessed with food. You will no longer need food to be calm and relaxed.
Also, this artifact relieves anxiety people often have while on a diet and which is caused by nervous tension resulted from lack of fat and sugar. As you know, our nerve cells need fat just like the brain needs sugar. With this weigh loss set, you can lose weight without nervous breakdowns, mood swings and self-pity.
In the morning, apply one aroma strip to the center of your stomach. In the evening, apply the same strip to your neck (parallel to the backbone). The strip’s aroma will envelop you: lavender will stabilize your psychic state, chamomile will relieve overexcitement, menthol and peppermint essential oil will take off your weariness, letting you relax.
Note, you must not use the set if you are intolerant to any of the ingredients of the capsules. Also, don’t attempt to lose weight by using just some of the items of the set – capsules, aroma strips, or tea. Weight loss is possible only if all the items of the set are used exactly as prescribed.
Now I’m going to tell you what makes the aroma strip such a rare and powerful artifact. It’s the galdrastafir, a magic sign composed of the following runes:
TIWAZ – symbolizes slenderness, good shape as a result of good health.
RAIDO – fat-burning activity, motion, sport.
THURISAZ – a ban on unhealthy food, including bakery, desserts, as well as spicy, salty and, of course, fried foods.
The above three hieroglyphs are put in INGUZ that symbolizes healthy metabolism. This rune boosts and normalizes your metabolism to the extent that is safe for you personally. If you take a closer look at this galdrastafir, you’ll see that it has its top and bottom, entrance and exit – all you need when you want to lose weight with the help of magic.
This extrapowerful “hamburger” also has a bar of natural soap containing natural essential oils. Use the soap at least twice a day, or better three times a day. Wash your face or take a shower with it, and the soap will keep off hunger. Just make sure the water you use is warm, not hot. That’s how the magic programs of this soap get activated.
On the bottom of the “hamburger” is a galdrastafir that consists of the following runes:
KANO – helps see and understand the changes which need to be triggered in your body to restore your physical health and peace of mind.
GEBO – symbolizes a more productive way of spending your time. In addition, it allows to get back the time which has been wasted and make peace with yourself.
URUZ – gives meaning to your actions, motivates, makes you more initiative. Attracts positive events to your life. Makes the energies of life stronger – mental and physical. Speeds up restoration and improves the immune system.
ANSUZ – erases anxiety from your subconscious mind, fears you have while you’re awake and nightmares while you’re asleep.
WUNJO – gives energy, unblocks energy channels, restores the function of chakras and subtle bodies. Prevents from wasting energy, protects from unnecessary worry, pointless conversations, fuss and trifles. Relieves depression and stress.
SOUL – symbolizes general healing, turns the process of weight loss from a trivial diet into a revival of your body and fate.
RAIDO – gives back the energies stolen by other people because you didn’t use them. Helps overcome obstacles during the revival not by bringing you luck, but by increasing your inner strength.
HAGAL – destroys and clears the body from chemical waste, no matter how much of it you have in your body and for how long you’ve been having it. Also, it allows you to finally get out of the vicious circle. It gives you the confidence of being on top of a mountain peak.
NAUT – helps lose weight, makes it possible to build a beautiful body by normalizing vital and metabolic streams.
PERTH – one of the most powerful runes of general healing of all the energies, including karmic and physical ones.
JERA – consolidates the results, determines the time required for full transformation.
INGWAZ – creates an impenetrable evil and negative energy protection cocoon to collect the forces moving you along the path of development. The cocoon helps restore balance, clears the body of waste (including complexes and self-doubt), helps the body reject and burn fat.
LAGUZ – helps you to adjust to the environment instead of shrinking into yourself before the transformation is over.
ALGIZ – ensures that you won’t give up until the transformation is over.
THURISAZ – heals mental traumas that have entered your soul while you were overweight and hated yourself for it. Shuts off all the programs of gluttony and overeating.
This incredible galdrastafir also includes the following bind runes, combinations of runes:
EXORSICING CROSS – pushes away everything that prevents you from achieving harmony, that separates your mind, body and soul.
URUZ – ensures treatment success.
SOUL-RAIDO – speeds up all positive processes. Coupled with JERA that is put at the end of the formula, allows you to control yourself, be persistent and avoid breakdowns.
LAGUZ, ALGIZ. PERTH and INGWAZ – ensure skin regeneration and prevent flabbiness which often comes with quick weight loss.
JERA PERTHRO – ensures that you get your original shape back.
All of that, when combined, helps fight causes associated with obesity, including magic: evil eye spells, hexes, curses, demons living in your subtle bodies; and non-magic: illnesses, metabolism disorders, overeating. Sometimes, you eat more than you need if some energy vampire takes away you energy, or because someone has shifted his obesity program onto you, thus staying skinny but making you obese. These are magic causes, too.
This magic weight loss set will change your sleep dramatically. Often, people gain weight because they don’t get enough sleep. The set will normalize your health and improve your sleep. You won’t sleep more, you’ll sleep better because you’ll be able to relax. You won’t feel tired anymore, meaning you won’t try to get energy by eating.
This set will also help those who are overweight or obese because of stress, hormonal therapy, menopause, or endocrine diseases.

If you buy magic set «Weigth loss spell», additionally you get:

- Ritual spell-activation, ie this thing will cast a magical spell — weigth loss spell and (or) remove obesity curse- on the name of the person

- You get a photo or video record of casting rituals «weigth loss spell»

- Before buying magic set «weigth loss spell', I give free of charge advice and tarot reading about your health
-Delivery- Free

-You pay only 1 time
Price — 790 $ us
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