How to choose a talisman. How to choose a amulet

What to prefer — a combination of characters, or one of them? One of the most important selection criteria — compatibility talisman (amulet)with its owner. You need to know that each of the characters in talisman (amulet) fulfills its function — it can be supported in self-development, protection from disease, saving mode in the family and much more. And for these reasons, before you choose your amulet (talisman), decide for yourself and try to understand what is required is the symbol and what it can help.
amulets can perform a variety of functions. Some characters can be used, like our ancestors, to household items — weapons, household items, armor, and more. Our ancestors used even ornaments with protective function, embroidering them on their outer clothing.

How to choose a amulet (talisman) for yourself or your love?

 The materials for the talismans (mascot) are usually performed stones, horns, hooves and bones of animals. But the best is still considered to be silver or gold. But even among them to choose the one metal that will be compatible with you.

In the manufacture of wooden amulet must be remembered that the amulet should choose according to their family tree associated with your birth date. With stones is the case is more complicated, because in this case it is not necessary to experiment on their own, and seek help from a competent person. The fact that each stone has a certain effect on people by their texture, energy and more. When buying a talisman )mascot, amulet) of the finished first need to clean it the elements of nature.
An important factor in determining how to choose the amulet and is an inner feeling that occurs when you first look at the magical thing. If you pick the suitable amulet for you, then almost immediately notice the change, both in the external and the internal world. And if you choose the amulet in accordance with all the rules, you will definitely change for the better. Note that in the first few days you may experience some discomfort, but this is normal — your body is purified. After selection of a talisman is time to adapt the owner and his energy to the magical characters. Gradually change things around you, your plans, and even your health and your looks.
One falling by the wayside, while the other will be a key. But do not rely solely on the action of a talisman, your efforts are also necessary. Lead a healthy lifestyle — drink clean water, natural food, work. And the changes will not be long in coming… You have to learn to see the cause and nature of things, their relationship to each other.

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