How to make amulet and How to make talisman

You probably already have opted for an amulet, a talisman or amulet that can make your life much more secure and happy. In order to make such a thing for yourself, you must have some distinct units that will allow for better use of this magic talisman.
First of all, we should not neglect the ways of charging talismans, charms and amulets. This point is very important for further work. If at times you forget to charge your talisman, its power can go in the negative direction. And the subject will bring misfortune and misery exactly as long as it is not destroyed.

What does it take to charge (to create) an amulet, a talisman or mascot

The first step is to take a blank sheet of paper and write on it the purpose of the future magic item. This should be three words, nothing more. Here, for example, the purpose for the money amulet: Bring me the money.
Then visualize that the amulet is in effect. In other words can be explained with the same example with the money amulet. Begin to visualize the fact that all money in the world are beginning to flock to your pocket, consider the cash in their hands. Their melodious rustle. This action will strengthen the amulet and allow it to properly understand his new appointment, which you put into it.
Speaking of the shield, then a warning will come up for it harder. This should be determined in the affirmative proposal that there should be no speed particles with «No» and «Do not.» This is very important for the real effectiveness of the subject. The proposal should not create an impression of the order — just a statement of fact. For example: «I'm protected from the flood.» As that from which you can be protected can offer all possible options. During the visualization does not have anything to represent yourself — just chant written by squeezing a hand piece. If during the reading of a mantra you feel protected, the board began to have effect.
You will have to sit out a bit in this position. From now on, what you hold in your hands — it's your quarterback, which should work for your good. Try to play a bit with the impressions of how your life will change after the object will act. Imagine a secure and peaceful life, which starts from this point. Once the ritual is complete, you will surely feel the tiredness, hunger or insatiable desire to lie down. You should not deny yourself the pleasure — during the ritual you have spent a lot of energy in order to charge your amulet need energy.
Imagine what this amulet — is a vessel into which you have poured their energy. That it does not dissolve in the air to clog it. To do this, wrap the amulet in the fabric and store it in a box in the closet, so that has not been seen during the day. Only after this time it will be possible to put it on.
Charged Amulet — this powerful tool, which should always have the energy of only one person. This item can not be given, send the wrong hands, or even for a second to give to anyone else. They must be charged only by your energy.

4 rules — how to make a talisman:

Thanks to movies and literature, we know that the amulet — is something significant and extremely valuable, have tremendous power and capabilities, and therefore it is in vain do not pay attention to their own, familiar, and, we think, is not magical items. Therefore, audits of their jewelry and to take the time, let's start our journey to the magic.
1 rule — (this is referred to as those who create magic items) is: you have to like the item you are going to turn into an amulet. Disclaimer: The favorite watch is better to put aside and not used for this purpose.
2 rule — you have to advance and clearly define what properties will have what you create.
3  rule — formulating the problem, do not be greedy, trying to invest in one item at once all your desires. It is best to limit and put into each piece only one property. But nothing prevents you to do a few different charms.
4 rule — Remembering that the amulet only strengthens your ability and power. So you need to remember a single case of your life when you have the right to exhibit personality traits of the amulet.
Let's proceed.

Simple magical things

Any magical practices better to do late at night or at night. When most people are asleep, even the impossible can be made real. Create an amulet — the individual and even more intimate process, so the company is also sympathetic girlfriends you to anything. Turn off the TV and computer, dim the lights, arrange a convenient, but not to sleep. In his right hand to grab the selected magic item. Close your eyes and remember ...
Good luck charm
Perhaps there is nothing that attracts people like this fickle lady. She sang hymns devoted poems tell stories about how it was caught by the tail, and how quickly it changes their elected representatives. Abandoned wistfully recall the days when luck was still with them. That is where there is a chance to call her again.
Tightly clenched in his right hand amulet future, try to remember those moments when you were lucky, when all things failed, and life is happy with a nice surprise. Must be as specific as possible to remember that as you place, as if to leave at that time, a time of luck. Try to feel the excitement and fun of affairs and events, people and the world, from the fact that virtually all turns and back down wind always blows.
Gradually focus on the most exciting and joyful moment and once again experience the taste of success. The better you will be able to tune in to the feelings, the more luck will be able to again. Dedicate this a few nights, and do not expect instant results. Really strong amulet should soak taste success.
When finished, put the amulet (and your item has become an amulet) away, on a shelf somewhere and go to sleep. In no case do not touch it this evening. In the morning, put on it, you may feel a brief burst of energy, but this is not important. Luck comes gradually and at times imperceptible. Try this time to make friends with her forever.
Amulet to attract the prince on a white horse / Ladies Heart
Choose your jewelry from the most «rich.» Not necessarily the brightest, hard or expensive, but seemingly more lively real. It is possible that advice strange, but more importantly for the magic feeling, not logic.
Rather, the selected item will appear with your favorite dressing. Look carefully at the shape of the object, as if seeing it for the first time. Notice how satisfied
details of decoration, which are colors and what materials are used. Take a few minutes to a thorough study of the future of the amulet.
Clenched it in his right palm, start thinking about how you would like to see the elect. Try not to focus on the shoulder width, eye color or size of your bank account, even if it is of the utmost importance, and those feelings that you would like to experience, being with him. As clearly as possible and more, imagine how you feel,living with it a variety of situations. As they say, «and in sorrow and in joy,» but take a little more joy!
The second step, think about what you can give her or her elect. What you believe in yourself valuable to the other person. Think carefully about their own merits, both external and internal. Also, consider which of them you are willing to share with your chosen one and ready to do. If you are not willing to share anything, you can hardly count on reciprocity, but because you still have to think about this problem.
Then became a magical little thing aside until morning. And, it is quite possible that in the very near future you will meet a real prince!
Amulet of sexual attractiveness
Here you will have to do some more. But worth it! First of all, look closely at yourself in a full-length mirror. Need is not for you to once again began to suffer because of insufficient length of their feet or extra inch on the waist, and to choose your prototype.
Then looking on the internet sites of professional photographers, there are now enough in Russian and foreign languages. Your task — to find the photos, which show people your facial features. That is very similar to you, but looking more attractive and sexier. This is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Choose a model for facial features, like her younger sister. It should look better, prettier, healthier, sexier, but still even remotely look like you. You can not take the well-known people or very different from you, so you will achieve the opposite effect.
Prepare some of these photos, you need to select the appropriate item for this amulet. Would be the best ring on the ring finger of his left hand or a pendant that is worn in a deep neckline. All the rest is familiar to you. The silence, the evening, the subject of the right palm, your focus on models with photographs. According to one view them carefully, studying every inch of the body. Try a little marvel body shape, color or texture of the skin, eyes, hair, or the luxurious sensual lips. Exactly what you would like to have around. Is important not envy or dissatisfaction, and admiration model. Try to perceive it as a prototype of the future itself as something that you're moving. Of course, we're only talking about physical appearance.
A few evenings of meditation — and half of the work performed. In principle, the amulet of Attraction is ready, but the sexual attraction is not enough. Taking the amulet in your right hand, you remember the high points of your own sex, when you were the best when the passion and desire overwhelms you. The deeper into the memories go away, trying to feel all again, the greater will be your charm. Take this job and several evenings.

How to store charms

In order to preserve the power of the amulet, it should be a bit of accuracy and common sense. For example, each of us has a specific power (sometimes referred to as bio-energy), as well as a completely unique smell. It does not matter whether you can feel bioenergy or not. It should stay on our clothes, but completely washed away in the wash. But the jewelry or other items that are not in contact with water, but the long-term contact with the body, tend to accumulate the energy of the wearer.
Thus, giving her friend vilify earrings, you share with her and his own good fortune, and, perhaps, and assume its problems. Even a little diarrhea subject, any remaining on it its energy footprint. For amulets that you did solely for themselves, put their strength and emotion, it is contraindicated. Proper operation of them no longer wait.
If your charm still have diarrhea, by returning it back, it should be clear of other people's energy and emotion. The easiest way — wash with soap and leave immersed in clean, cold water (can be in a deep dish) for a day or two, depending on the time the amulet was not with you. After cleansing, subject to the establishment of an amulet to start again, as water is not only alien to clean energy, but also your own. And the program does the amulet — this is the power of your thoughts and emotions.
In other words, ready to charm should be protected from water and strange hands. Keep amulets and talismans better fitting wooden box or casket.
Talisman — a subject or image, which is embedded in the perceived tiered program that affect people or circumstances. Create amulets possible without special training, often by accident. More complex as magic items and require greater investment in them strength. The more complex the talisman, the more effort or people, and the time required to create it.
Many mascots are known to all, but just not perceived by us as such. Flag and coat of arms are talismans to the extent that people begin to believe that these images represent the state. And those who look at them, as if included in the idea of the community. Mascots are almost all logos and product and not coincidentally large corporations spend millions to develop new, or even the slightest changes in the old logo.
Symbols of some cities have also long been a lucky talisman for their residents: London's Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Hollywood sign in the southern Los Angeles. Even a quick glance at their pictures leaves strange feeling and a desire to see it in real life.
However, the most interesting charms to work with human thinking, the development and enhancement of consciousness, awakening intuition or dormant abilities. For example, to include skills such as extrasensory perception and elements of foresight, the ability to heal the sick and to inspire your thoughts, desired attraction and retention of existing ones.
Magic is much closer to you than meets the eye, and this is not a fairy tale of childhood, and the very real skills that can really learn. Not everyone, of course, but maybe some of you are willing and able to bring magic into your life forever. And it can be learned!

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