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In Japan, there are many signs and amulets, and many Japanese people believe in them. Recall, for example, Japanese talisman (amulets) &in the form of cats with a raised paw called Maneki-neko. In general, we believe all the signs, some more, others less, but somehow often deny this belief. And the guilt of this modern view associated with superstition. Most often superstitious people are believed to be slender and insecure, blaming outsiders for his failures. But we forget that the signs as well as their interpretation, and as talismans — a folk tradition, culture and folklore.

Japanese talisman (amulets)

The most common Japanese talisman (amulets) &- it sculpture Maneki-neko. They are also called cat happiness, money cat or a cat luck. Usually, this statue is made of ceramic or porcelain, and probably for this reason that it is positioned as a lucky talisman.

Usually seals luck in Japan put in a prominent place — at the entrance to the store or on display. It is believed that the talisman-cat with a raised paw attracts new people, happiness, luck and wealth. And if the cat raised both legs, the happiness and wealth will be attracted together.

This Japanese talisman (amulets) &is a great birthday present or to the coming new year. After Maneki-neko can decorate dresser, desk or entrance to the office. Japanese porcelain seals just radiate a warm and welcome, warming the soul. And the secret is that each of the hand-painted figurines and the master puts in them part of your soul.

But what is so attracted to this talisman Japanese? Gesture cat, washes its face, looks like a gesture of appeal in Japanese society. It is for us cat waving its paw, and in accordance with generally accepted gestures of the Japanese — he invites. Many cats are able to anticipate changes in the weather, which causes them discomfort. And to calm down, they begin to lick himself. The prototype of a Kitten luck is a saying popular in the 19th century — if a cat washes its ears and snout — it will rain, and rain may increase the inflow of visitors.

Most often, Maneki-neko make tricolor. It is believed that a combination of the most fortunate and happy. But the white, red, black, gold and pink fur seals are not as popular.

White seals bring good fortune and good luck, protection from evil, black and prevents accidents. Red Seal will help to get rid of personal problems, illness and misfortune. Gold seals will help those who need luck in financial affairs and business development. But Pink Maneki-neko attract love, bring marriage and improve relationships.

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