Kids talismans

Children's bodies are fragile, naive children's inner world and perceives the world, just as they see the children's eyes, the energy component of children's creatures, though powerful, but low security, any evil person may eat of it and be harmful to children. Therefore, parents need to think about the magic and energy security of his child. Kids talismans, in all its diversity, can protect your kid.
 First of all, children's talismans are divided into two groups. The first — a talisman, which the child is directly on me or with me, as a pendant, pendants, key fob, and the like. The second group, it charms, so to speak, fixed, that is, they are in the child's room, or next to a bed. Protect the bed of the child and children's room is just as important as the right of the child.
Kids talismans
Choosing charms, especially should pay attention to the weakest part of the child, they should be protected in the first place. If a child is afraid and fear, the most common cause of child anxiety, even in the children's room or next to the bed is a small piece of malachite. Ladybug can be a wonderful, popular toy, and at the same time to keep the child from harm, to cheer up, to create the effect of presence of the sun, in any, the most overcast day. Small figurines that depict children (netsuke) grant joy to children, attract heavenly patrons, however, we should not forget that this small figures do not fall into the hands of the baby, and it's not magic, but in the usual child's safety. In addition, some charms can be attached to the child's stroller.
The next thing that needs special attention and protection, is the health of the child. Colds, upset digestive system, cramps and bloating, each parent fully familiar with these troubles. Stone «cat's eye» on a silver chain, the beryl, coral and emerald, rock crystal and amber. Having determined that most often hurts the baby, pick up the stones and make the appropriate mascot, who will be with your child all the time, it will contribute to prevention of child from disease.
Further attention should be paid to the protection of the energy of the child, most often the child gets the evil eye, protection — the eye, it can be embroidered on the upper garment, or the form of application applied to a shirt, dress, jacket and so on.
And of course, zodiac charms, which are chosen according to the day of birth, and have combined together with a certain planet influence.

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